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Towny - Version 9.9

Towny - Version 9.9

Hello everyone, it's time for another update.
We're aware there isn't a lot of changes to the overall game in this update as most of the teams efforts have been scattered over different things, nevertheless, we hope you enjoy!


The original reason we re-added marriage was because of the actual purpose of the 20 block mcMMO & Jobs boost, but as that's an overall performance hit, we will therefore be removing marriage.

We're replacing these, don't panic!

Cosmetic Crate
Crate Keys that remain will no longer have a use.


mcMMO/Jobs Boosts (from Voting)
These have been changed into one-time-use items rather than being instantly applied. We hope to see a new market spiral around these!

Store Prices
Most store prices have been modified!

Donator Ranks:
Coal Donator Rank - $3.49
Iron Donator Rank - $9.99 ($6.50 to upgrade)
Gold Donator Rank - $19.99 ($10 to upgrade)
Diamond Donator Rank - $36.99 ($16 to upgrade)
Emerald Donator Rank - $53.99 ($17 to upgrade)
Obsidian Donator Rank - $79.99 ($26 to upgrade)
Netherite Donator Rank - $4.99/mo (for Obsidian Rank)
Netherite Donator Rank - $9.99/mo (without Obsidian Rank)
For the Netherite changes, these will not take effect unless you resubscribe - so if your current subscription is cheaper, enjoy it!

Immortal Key - $2.99
An Immortal Key for everyone online! - $20.49
Mystical Key - $3.49
A Mystical Key for everyone online! - $26.99
Mango Key - $4.99
A Mango Key for everyone online! - $34.99

Christmas Keys:
1x Christmas Key - $9.99
A Christmas Key for everyone online! - $59.99

Customised Tag - $9.99 (unchanged)

Pinata Party:
Pinata Party for everyone online! - $18.99 (unchanged)

Check the new prices out on the store by clicking here!


To help our new players settle in when there's no towns available, they can rent a hotel room under spawn to get started!
Check it out at /warp Hotel

Vote Rewards
You will now get a 'Vote Token' alongside existing rewards which you can spend at the Vote Shop /voteshop
Added 5% chance for an extra 'Vote Token'
Changed guaranteed $50/vote to $150/vote

New Perks!
Added /loom, /grindstone, /anvil & /stonecutter to Diamond Donator Rank and above.
This was rolled out early on Monday 22nd November.

Christmas Crate
The 2021 Christmas Crate is available now!
Alongside the Christmas Sale, ending December 31st!

Lucky Blocks
Whilst mining or digging, expect some helpful fellas to pop out!
Place and break these to loot them.

New tournaments have been introduced!
There are 2 daily, 2 weekly and 2 monthly tournaments.
The rewards are as follows:
1st Place - $10000 + 3 Rare Keys
2nd Place - $5000 + 1 Rare Key
3rd Place - $2500
1st Place - $25000 + 1 Immortal Key
2nd Place - $10000 + 3 Rare Keys
3rd Place - $5000
1st Place - $100000 + 1 Mystical Key
2nd Place - $50000 + 1 Immortal Key
3rd Place - $25000 + 3 Rare Keys

Redstone Clock Limit
Unfortunately, we've had to bring back our redstone clock limit.
We now have a limit of 3 pulses per 1 second.

We've modified all envoy crate rewards!
Check the new rewards out at /warp Envoy!

Christmas Event

The Christmas Event releases on December 1st, we don't have an exact time on the day but expect to see this announced in #updates on our Discord in the next few days.
We're still finalising parts of this so we're going to hold off sharing what this event entails as some parts may still be changed before release.

The Christmas Calendar will also begin on December 1st, ending December 25th, this year with new goodies, tags and cosmetics for you to enjoy!
You'll be able to claim this from /warp Grotto.