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Towny - V10.2 Content Update

Towny - V10.2 Content Update
We have now updated to 1.19.4 - please ensure you update your clients!

New features may have bugs not found during our testing period, please report any you come across in our Discord.


Elytras at Envoy
You can no longer use elytras at the Envoy Arena

Trading Hall
We've replaced this with /cyg - our new recipe book!

Streak Rewards
We've replaced Streak Rewards with a new variant of Daily Rewards, more info below!

Farmer Job's Placing Actions
To further balance the economy, placing actions no longer reward players within the Farmer job.

Ancient Coins from Blocks
Ancient Coins will no longer be dropped directly from blocks


Increased Lottery Ticket price to £500 per ticket (was £250)
Increased Lottery Tax to 30% (was 25%)
Increased Lottery Duration to 30 minutes (was 20 minutes)

Pinata Party
Increased Pinata's Health
Pinata now gives 'Small Pinata Pouch' on every hit

The Wizard
Increased the drop chance of Ancient Coin Fragments

The Bank
Decreased Bank Interest for all tiers - check the wiki

Modified all job's XP and cash income

All fossil rewards have been increased
Fossil collections submissions are now repeatable
Increased chances of Rare and Special fossils from Dirty Fossils

Changed all pouch textures


You can now 1v1 players or join a queue to fight in a 1v1!
Check it out at /warp duels and for more info, check out the wiki

The Depths
A dungeon-like feature, battle mobs and fight for your life!
Check it out at /warp Depths and for more info, check out the wiki

The Depths Trader
A dedicated Trader to trade Depths Loot for all sorts of valuable items
Check it out at /warp Depths!

CYG Logistics
A way to transport items fast and en masse!
We've added input nodes, connector nodes and various output nodes.
Check it out with /cyg!

New CYG Machines
Added the Constructor, Dye Extractor, Dye Bottler, Dye Applier, Concrete Factory and the Compactor machines!
Check it out with /cyg!

Tournaments have been added, there are now 3 tournaments that'll run every 4 hours.
Check it with /tournaments!

Daily Rewards
Each day you'll have several possible blind rewards to pick from, you'll select one and get whatever the reward is whilst being able to see what you've missed out on.
Check it out with /dr!

Rule Addition
'Bank Boosting' has been added to rule G3.

1.8 Combat
Get ready to click fast, 1.8 PVP makes its return to CYT!
1.9+ damage values and regeneration is still in-tact, this only effects the hit-delay.

Added Drop Chance Boosters for Fossils and Ancient Coin Fragments, mcMMO Boosters and XP Boosters

Enchanted Ancient Coin
An item to be used to upgrade/repair Enchanted Books at the /warp Wizard, that negates all repair/break chances

New GUIs
Job Selection, Job Information and the Bank now have custom GUI overlays

Mango Crate Update
We’ve updated the Mango Crate and added Warpstones, Depths keys and passes, and a new Mango skin set!
Check it out at /warp Crates!

React Pouch
To replace the £25 reward, this pouch offers a few goodies for those that react quick enough!

Small Pinata Pouch
This pouch drops every time you hit the Pinata!

Fish Pouches
These pouches hold a range of fish-related items and replace the beloved Entropy Pouches.