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SMP - V1.1 Content Update

SMP - V1.1 Content Update
New features may have bugs not found during our testing period, please report any you come across in our Discord.
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Vote Crate
* Vote Crates are no longer obtainable however you can still use them if you happen to come across any


Vote Rewards
* Increased cash amount per vote to £75 (was £50)

Claim Pouch
* Significantly increased amount of claim blocks in each pouch type

Reward Crate
* Removed Elytra reward

* Required item range has changed to between 1-15 (was between 5-30)


CYG & Logistics
* Check out /cyg on getting started with CYG!
* View our wiki pages for CYG and Logistics for help

* Dolphin Rank has unlimited use of /fly
* All other players can get 5 minutes of fly per vote (45 minutes per day with all 9 links) - use with /vf

* Dolphin Rank now has accses to /feed, although there is a 5 minute delay between uses

* Complete quests and earn cash! Check it out with /quests
* The amount of quests you can activate at once depends on your rank, check /ranks for more information
* Help is available on the wiki

Vote Shop
* When voting, you now receive 1 vote token per vote; spend these at /warp VoteShop

Paycheck Command
* Rank VI now has access to /jobs paycheck to claim their paycheck without visiting /warp Jobs

NoEnter & NoItemPickup Flag
* Rank V now has these two flags in its perk list

* Custom scoreboard layouts have been added, check it out with /sbset!
* The Mango Crate will now have the Mango Scoreboard layout with others being obtainable from the vote shop, daily rewards, reward crate, vote party pouch, react pouch and pinata pouch

Starter Tags
* All players now have 5 tags, check them out on /tags!

React Pouch: New Tags
* 2 new tags have been added to the React Pouch

Jobs Buff
* Both jobs income and experience is increased by 25% in the resource world!