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Towny - V10.1 Content Update

Towny - V10.1 Content Update
New features may have bugs not found during our testing period, please report any you come across in our Discord.


Drag and Drop Enchants
This is now redundant as the Auto Enchanter will take its place


Enchant Upgrading
The cap for Efficiency has been increased from 7 to 8 as per our Discord Poll

Rebalanced the reward chances of various items

Decreased the chance of receiving Credit and Entropy pouches from all crates.

Decreased the chance of receiving Credit and Entropy pouches from all pouches.

Decreased the chance of receiving Credit and Entropy pouches from all envoys.


Chat Reaction
A familiar and much loved plugin is back!

Chat Auctions
Auction items in chat by typing /auc sell <starting bid> or bid on active auctions with /bid [amount] ([amount]  is optional as /bid will automatically add the minimum increment (£10).
You will only see bid notifications on items you have bidded on, the countdowns are global (for now).
There's a 15% tax (in-line with shops and auction house).
You can have 1 item in the queue at a time.
Minimum starting bid is £75.
Cost to start an auction is £50.

New Fuel: Artificial Essence
A new, less efficient type of essence that can be used to fuel spawners.

New Machines (CYG)
Enchanter, Disenchanter, Table Saw, Crusher, Producer and Growth Cell have been added at /warp trader!

New Gadget (CYG)
A Lava Sponge has been added to /warp trader!

New Miscellaneous Item (CYG)
The V10 Tag has been added to /warp trader!

Added Farmer and Mage jobs.

Added the first animated scoreboard (Lunar New Year) that’s obtainable for a limited time from the Lunar New Year crate.
Purchase on the store!
Added Jobs Scoreboard.
Change scoreboards with /togglesb.

New Talisman Tiers (CYG)
Added Tier 1 and Tier 2 variations to all Talismans, Talismans obtained prior will automatically change to their new Tier.

New Talismans (CYG)
Added Haste, Speed and Jump Talisman types to /warp trader!

Item Worth Checker
Our beloved item price checker (based on sales over the last 2 weeks) has been re-added, check it out with /worth or /iworth!

Lunar New Year Crate
Check out the cosmetics at /warp crates and purchase via the store!
You can claim a free key from the NPC at /warp lunar by completing challenges.
Limited Time Only.

Due to an issue we're unable to release tournaments at this time, we'll get it out as soon as possible.