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Version 10 - Patch Notes

Version 10 - Patch Notes
* This is a full reset and not a content update and the only things that will transfer over from Version 9 will be your tags and any supporter ranks.

* We expect there to be bugs and exploits, please report them in our Discord as you find them.


Slimefun (and its add-ons)
Slimefun was removed for balancing and mainly its vast performance issues on large servers, we've recreated and made custom recipes for the most important features (at the trading area).

Random Blank Lines
You're welcome.

Custom Enchantments
Custom Enchantments were removed to allow us to balance things properly and have full control over the power of items.

Daily Reward Wheel
Daily Rewards have been replaced with Streak Rewards.

Keep Inventory
Graves will take its place.

Repair Tokens


Demon & Angel Towers
These unfortunately do not fit our future roadmap for Version 10.

The Hotel
The Hotel was removed to bring the community closer together, creating towns and building your own accommodation.

Mob Arena
Mob Arena slowly lost its charm and wasn't as enjoyable as we had originally hoped.

Immortal, Mystical, Rare & Uncommon Crates

Removed Coal Rank
We've removed the sale of Coal Rank, everyone that had it prior will still keep it and its perks as well as the ability to upgrade to Iron (under Rank Upgrades).

We've removed the ability to sit on slabs, stairs and beds as we're working on a future addition which will feature furniture (as seen in spawn). Furniture is not yet available to players.

No PvP
PvP is now optional per-player, toggleable with /pvp.


CYG is our new gadget plugin featuring many familiar items such as Auto Enchanters, Auto Disenchanters, Auto Driers, Wind Staffs and more. Check it out at /warp trading!
Note: The Auto Enchanter, Dis-Enchanter and Auto Drier are delayed and will be released shortly.

Drag+Drop Enchantments
You can now drag+drop all enchantment books onto items!
It will only allow you to apply enchants that apply to the item and those that are higher than any existing ones. It will return any that were unable to be applied in a separate book.

New Cosmetics
New cosmetics have been added as rewards to crates, voteparty and fossils.
You can view the new skins with /skins.

Scavenge the map to complete your fossils collection and earn rewards!
Check it out at /warp fossils!

Graves will spawn where you die (max of 1 per player at a time) with a cost to teleport for $2000 and to bring the grave to you for $4000.

Tasks are somewhat short objectives to complete in order to level up your tasks level! Task levels are a requirement on our revamped /ranks.

Reward Pouches
We've added several types of pouches to make your ability to sell and organise rewards easier, a few examples are entropy pouches, voteparty pouches and money pouches. Simply right-click to redeem them!

Reward Crate
The reward crate is a step up from the vote crate, essentially a merger of the Rare & Uncommon crates from Version 9.
Check it out at /warp crates

Clover Crate
The Clover Crate is a new paid crate available on our store!
This crate contains many cosmetics.
Check it out at /warp crates

Claimed End Island
The main end island (where the dragon is) will be claimed however you'll still be able to re-spawn the dragon.

Player Profiles
Type /profile <user> to view someones profile, or click their name in chat!

Chat Hovering
It's been gone too long, we've re-introduced hovering over chat messages to show player information!

Enchant Upgrader
Enchantments can all be upgraded (except ones that max at 1 such as Infinity) at /warp enchant and speaking to the Wizard. The wizard requires 'Ancient Coins' which are obtainable through trading 'Ancient Coin Fragments' that you get from digging surface blocks (such as grass, sand, dirt etc).
There is a chance that your enchant upgrading could fail in which case you'll need more ancient coins to repair it, but there's also a chance the repair could fail causing the book to be completely lost.

We've added several new talisman types, check them out at /warp trading!

PvP Toggle
PvP is now optional per-player, toggleable with /pvp.


All of our rules have been rewritten and moved into categories. You'll no longer be punished per-rule but per-category, meaning if you break a rule twice within a category (regardless of whether its the same or not) you'll get a 2nd offense punishment.
The main changes to the rules are that no alternative accounts are allowed, and griefing is not allowed regardless of whether permission setups are incorrect - you may only grief unclaimed land.
Please read the rules in full here.

Towny > Kingdoms
We've changed from using Towny to Kingdoms (developed by us & StickyMC) which has a lot more user friendly features such as GUIs but also the same (or at least similar) command system. It has a lot more toggleable options for plots & towns giving you more control. Nations are now called Kingdoms.

Town Prices
New Town: £15000 (£7500 for first day)
Upkeep: £20 per plot per day
Claiming a Plot: £150

Kingdom (formerly Nation) Prices
New Kingdom: £250000 (Requires Rank VII)
Upkeep: £4000 per day
Town Upkeep Cut: 5% per town in the nation (the towns in nations get a 5% upkeep cut)

Blueprints are now called Skins.

Player Warps
Player Warps cost £20,000 to setup, with £3,500 per week for upkeep.

Website & Store Theme
If you hadn't noticed.. uh yeah it's different.

The Wiki
The Wiki has been entirely revamped to feature our new content, check it out here.

The Guide
The Guide has been entirely remade from scratch.
Check it out with /guide!

Crate Keys
To redeem crates, you no longer need to go to the crates area and click the crate with the key, simply just right-click them! Don't worry though, you can still go to /warp crates and punch to view rewards or right-click to fling yourself into the air.

Paid Crate Keys
Paid Crate Keys will now have a custom GUI for handing out rewards, they will spin once and allow 1 re-spin if you aren't happy with the first reward you were offered.

Rank & Tags
All rank & tags have been converted into the new image-style tags.
If you have an issue with how yours looks, we'll be happy to recolor it - please make a ticket in Discord. This may take up to 3 days.
(Credit: Gucci_Garrett)

Vote & Mango Crate
All rewards have been changed.

All server messages have been changed.

Custom Mobs
We've replaced the custom mobs that spawn in the Overworld & Envoys.

The Envoy arena has been changed, custom mobs will now spawn where a crate was when you open one (alongside them spawning there naturally). There are also now 50 crates per envoy event.

VoteParty now requires 75 votes to start, as well as that you've voted in the last 24 hours.

Ranks, their perks & requirements have all changed. There are now only 10 ranks.

All custom fish have been replaced and all fish, entropy amounts and costs have been rebalanced.

Spawners are still upgradeable but in a different way, there's only one upgrade path which upgrades several things at once. Spawners now require fuel ('essence' dropped by the mob of which the spawner is, better fuel types are available at /warp trading) to run.
To get spawners, you now require spawner shards & essence of the mob that you want a spawner of (only drops from mobs that have vanilla spawners attached to them, such as magma cubes, zombies, etc.). Spawner shards are obtainable by breaking vanilla spawners (silk touch is not required to break vanilla spawners, only to break/replace crafted ones). Use these ingredients at /warp trading to turn them into a spawner!

The Bank
We've removed the 'Interest Limit' feature and interest will now continue to apply up to your bank's capacity. The GUI has also been modified.
Check it out at /warp bank!

You now need to claim your paycheck from working your job from /warp bank.
Removed Builder, Enchanter, Brewer & Weaponsmith.
Merged Enchanter & Brewer into the new Mage job.
Check out the new jobs with /jobs! Use /job for /job stats, /job join/leave, etc.
Note: Farmer & Mage job are delayed and will be released shortly.