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Towny - V9.10 Update

Towny - V9.10 Update
We have updated to 1.18.2 - please ensure your client and any mods you may use are up to date.


Mob Arena
We've re-added one of the favourite features!

20$ per round
60$ every 5 rounds (+ per round reward)
120$ + Mob Arena Key every 10 rounds (+ 5 round & per round reward)

Between Round 15-30:
5% chance every 4 rounds to get an Artisan Key

Above Round 30:
7% chance every 4 rounds to get an Artisan Key
Check it out with /ma!
(Credit: lukemango & StormBolio)
(Testers: Gucci_Garrett, Pogeye, Jpsh, CloverlucyMC)

A new Slimefun Add-on has appeared!
Check it out with /sf guide!
(Testers: Pogeye, wxtnessed, Gucci_Garrett, CloverlucyMC, KitsuneSword & lukemango)

Bank - New Tiers
Check our Presidential & Presidential+ on our wiki!
Click here.
(Credit: lukemango)

Mystery Spawners
Mystery Spawners are a new item that when clicked will give you a random spawner!
Available from Mob Arena, Uncommon & Rare Crates!
Check it out at /warp Crates!
(Credit: lukemango)

Added 'Jobs Limit' recurring on the bank line.
(Credit: lukemango)

Jobs Rewards (100-200)
Added Jobs Rewards for levels 125,150,175 & 200.
Check it out on /jobsrewards!
(Credit: ChunkyChaya)

Added more staff fish.
Check it out on /fish codex!
(Credit: Am1y)

You can now hide lottery messages!
Check out with /lotto toggle.
(Credit: Oribuin)

mcMMO Credits
You can now withdraw credits into their item form.
Check it out with /credits withdraw!
(Credit: lukemango)

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rewards
The wheel has made its return!
Check it out with /claim!
(Credit: lukemango & ChunkyChaya)

Trident Heirlooms
You can now get trident heirlooms from Epic, Legendary and Mythic Tiers!
Impaling will go up to enchantment level 10.
(Credit: lukemango & ChunkyChaya)

Vote Shop
We've added Money Pouches & New Tags into /voteshop!
(Credit: CloverlucyMC & ChunkyChaya)

React Crate
Added new tags to the React Crate
(Credit: CloverlucyMC & ChunkyChaya)

Easter Event
Don't forget to collect all the eggs in spawn for a free tag & Spring Crate Key!
(Credit: Pogeye, lukemango & ChunkyChaya)

Ominous Heirloom Scrap
You can now scrap Ominous Heirlooms for a common scrap!
Check it out at /warp Vendor.
(Credit: CloverlucyMC)


Quests will now be completed once per week, instead of being one-time.
Check it out on /quests!
(Credit: Gucci_Garrett)

Milestone messages have been changed.
(Credit: lukemango)

Envoy Rewards
Changed Legendary chance from 10% to 15%
Reduced Uncommon chance from 65% to 60%
Added chance to get Immortal Crate Key from Legendary Envoy Crate
Increased all cash rewards
You can now get between 1-2 rewards per crate
Check it out at /warp Envoy!
(Credit: lukemango)

AH/Shop/Lottery Taxes
Shop taxes have increased from 20% to 25%
Auction House taxes have increased from 20% to 25%
Lottery tax has increased from 20% to 25%
(Credit: lukemango)

Towny Upkeep
Nation Upkeep per town in the nation has increased by 5% from $1250 to $1312.5
Upkeep has increased for all town tiers (except Ruins) by 5%.
For more information on Town Upkeep, click here.
(Credit: lukemango)

Item Worth
/iworth has changed to default to 30 days instead of 7.
Items with $0.00 worth will no longer show up on the GUI.
Worth of an item will be based on median, rather than average to avoid low/super high selling prices significantly hitting item worth display price.
Significantly improved performance.
(Credit: SirSalad)

Jobs Rewards
Level 100 tags have been changed and replaced.
Check them out on /jobsrewards!
(Credit: ChunkyChaya)

Tournaments have been reverted to their custom predecessor.
These tournaments switch out hourly and have a countdown on the scoreboard!
For those that remember them, the old crafting bug was fixed.

1st Place: $7500 + 1 Rare Key
2nd Place: $5000 + 1 Rare Key
3rd Place: $2500 + 1 Uncommon Key
Check it out with /tournaments!
(Credit: lukemango & ChunkyChaya)

Changed Singularity cost back to default price (was 2.5x)
(Credit: lukemango)

Auctions will now list for 5 days (was 2 days).
AuctionHouse has had an entire recode, redesign and now has a sorting feature!
(Credit: Oribuin)