Changelog Version 9 Patch Notes | Towny


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This document contains important rule changes that will have an effect on gameplay

Please note there is no Skyblock update here
This is a Towny only update


Vanilla Item Despawn
The vanilla item despawn (1 minute) has been removed.

Rankup Crate
Rankup rewards have been changed to where this is no longer necessary.

May return in the future.

End Island Protection
Due to several issues and conflicts with protecting the End, we've decided not to take this route for Version 9.
If the island becomes too demolished, we will roll it back to it's original state for quality of life purposes.

Watch your step, you might lose your items!

Golden Lasso
Due to several bugs, we've removed this.

Sell Wands
We no longer need these for Version 9.

Minion Bonuses
Minion bonuses from ranks purchased on the store have been removed and added to /rankup ranks.

Shady Mage
It's sad to see.
We're replacing this with something much better.

PvP Toggle
Don't panic! PvP is not enabled except within PvP-stated areas and PvP-enabled towns.

Jobs/mcMMO Boosts
We kind of all forgot they existed, let's be real.

We're sorry, Josh.
The main issue lies with giving out keys and rewards, if you were in a Parkour, you'd lose any rewards given when you left.

Custom Enchants
However, we have a replacement. Keep reading.

Spawner Shop
Go find your own spawners, lazy!

Miniature Pets (/pets)
If you purchased pets previously (via the Store), please create a #support ticket and provide us the Transaction ID and we'll give you a giftcard of the equivelant amount to spend. We cannot give giftcards to those that purchased with in-game currency or originally by giftcards.
Offer available until 31st December 2020.


Mob Arena
Mob Arena has had an complete overhaul! (Nothing like it's predecessor)
There are now goals to achieve, kits to unlock and purchase, and levels (seperate to waves)!
Cash is earned per-wave completed.
Check it out with
/ma join
(Credit: @brad @Yiroh)

Disabled Skills:
  • Unarmed (PvP, will still work for PvE)
  • Axes (PvP, will still work for PvE)
  • Swords (PvP, will still work for PvE)
  • Salvage (Gold)
Disabled Abilities:
  • Tree Feller
  • Blast Mining
  • Double Drops (Entirely)
  • Second Smelt (Entirely

All protectable items will be protected by default when placed.
This is to prevent a Slimefun bug from intervening and your items from being stolen.
We've lowered the protection cost from $50 Cash to $15 Cash.

Items added to disabled list:
  • Omnitools (Multi Tools)
  • Icy Bow
  • Medical Items (Rag, Bandage, Splint)
  • Explosive Pickaxe
  • Explosive Shovel
Items removed from the disabled list:
  • Elevator Plates
  • Christmas Accessories (Cake, Caramel, Presents etc)
  • Birthday Cake
  • Androids (all types)
All players who have been referred must do /ref <referrer> within the first half an hour of play else they will no longer be able to be referred. Both players (referrer and referree) will recieve rewards.

Crate Keys
Crate Keys will no longer be put into /cr claim unless you're offline or your inventory is full.

Lucky Blocks
Lucky Blocks now have a 30% chance to give a rather unlucky reward, can range from primed tnt to an anvil being dropped on your head.
Reminder that it's still 70% to get a good reward, just, be careful.
Open with caution, we won't roll back anything caused by Lucky Blocks.
(Credit: @Thornagator)

More fishies have been added! (Credit: @_ItzAmy_)
We've rebalanced rewards to suit the new economy.

G4 - No alternative accounts for Towny
T11 - AFK'ing is not permitted, you will be teleported to the Cozy Corner after 10 minutes
T12 - Advertising within the Auction House (/ah) is prohibited

We've temporarily disabled a few quests whilst we investigate issues with them.
Join new quests at /warp Quests!
More will be added as Version 9 continues.

Tier prices have been modified
Platinum Tier - $125,000 -> $100,000 ↓
Diamond Tier - $250,000 -> $215,000 ↓
Executive Tier - $500,000 -> $425,000 ↓
Executive+ Tier - $1,250,000 -> $1,100,000 ↓
(Credit: Katchow)
Free Tier has a 10% Deposit Tax. ↑
Basic Tier has a 5% Deposit Tax. ↑
Premium Tier has a 2.5% Deposit Tax. ↑
Gold Tier has a 1% Deposit Tax. ↑
Platinum Tier and above have no Deposit Tax. -

In-game Ranks
We're taking a slightly different route in Version 9, starting with names.
Ranks will no longer have names such as "Commoner", "Farmer" etc, but instead will be roman numerals. For example, the first rank is called "Rank I", and will appear as that in chat. This gives us more freedom and the ability to add more ranks as we go along, without worrying about hitting a verbal cap.
We're only releasing Rank I-Rank V on launch so we can see where to take things next for Version 9.1.

Spawner Mobs
Mobs that spawn from spawners will not attack or move, they can be pushed around but have no AI.
This is simply for TPS care.

Jobs has been completely re-balanced significantly.
There will be changes made to this as time progresses to keep things balanced.
The jobs money limit has been changed to a maximum total payout of $30,000 per 12 hour interval.
A jobs experience limit has been added and set to a maximum total of 100,000 experience per 12 hour interval. It will also stop rewarding experience when the money limit is hit.
A furnace, smoker, blast furnace & brewing stand limit has been introduced and set to 3 at Beginner. You can rank up with /rankup (or to view what you can unlock, type /ranks).
(Credit: @Fear, @Jpsh and @Yiroh for helping test)

Towny Prices
Max town (set) tax amount has been set to $15,000 per resident. (Mayor decides) ↑
Max town (percentage) tax amount has been set to 10%. (Mayor decides) ↑
Max plot tax amount has been set to $8,000 per resident. (Mayor decides) ↑
Max nation tax amount has been set to $25,000 per town. (Mayor decides) ↑
Nation Taxes have been set to $825 per town. ↑
Town Taxes have been set to $60 per plot. ↓
There is a $500 fee for using /plot set <type>
Towns cost $7,500 to start ↓
Nations cost $100,000 to start. -
Outposts cost $10,000 to start. -
Claiming costs $3,000 per chunk. ↓
Claim blocks cost $850 per chunk. This will not increase purchasing more. ~
Death Tax is set to 5% of your balance. ↑

Towny Banks
You can now only use /t deposit, /t withdraw, /n deposit & /n withdraw in Bank plots.
Home plots will also work.
You can set a bank plot by typing /plot set Bank.

Towny Minimum Distance
You must be atleast 6 chunks away from any other town claims to claim, create or create outposts for your town.

Towny Bankruptcy
Towns that cannot pay their upkeep will no longer instantly be deleted, they will be placed in a bankrupt state. In the bankrupt state, you cannot build, recruit or expand your town. Every day your upkeep will be added to your debt, which must be fully paid off to end the bankrupt state. If a town reaches the debt cap, the town will then be deleted. Bankrupt towns will still pay Nation Tax. You can pay your debt using /t deposit <n>.
Debt Cap is shown in /t when bankrupt.

Player Warps
Check out the help thread for more information here:

PvP is now only enabled in towns that specifically set themselves to be PvP-enabled.
To enable or disable it, you have to type /t toggle pvp - default setting: disabled.
We understand that this may cause a lack of concern caused by other players whilst wandering around the wild, and to combat this, we've created some specific custom mobs for the wild. Keep reading.

Auction House
You can now auction items with bids aswell as sell for a set price!
/ah bid for bidding auction, /ah sell for a set price!
You need to be atleast Rank III to auction items.
There is no Auction House tax.

Per-ticket cost has been set to $250 (from $500).
Max ticket amount has been set to 10.
Minimum players online to begin has been set to 5.
All lotteries will run for 20 minutes.
(Credit: _ItzAmy_)

VoteParty rewards have been modified.

PinataParty rewards have been modified.

The vacuum will run every 10 minutes with the following restrictions:
All dropped entities will be removed.
All mobs are limited to a maximum of 20 per 16 radius.
Boats and Minecarts (all types) are limited to 5 per 16 radius.
Armor stands, Item Frames, Leash Hitches and Paintings are limited to 10 per 16 radius.


The Vendor & Items
The Vendor is the huge new replacement for the Shady Mage.
All hostile mobs (vanilla & custom) have a percentage chance to drop tiered items.
This is the only way to get them.
Please check this out:

Player Mall
Trade, buy and sell at the player mall!
Shops cost $2,500 Cash to own per week.
Check it out at /warp mall!

(Re-added) VoteParty Crates
VoteParty crates make their glorious return!

(Re-added) Disconnect Messages
Wooooo! A vanilla feature.

Chat Pings
You can now @<username> in chat and the person you mention will get a ping!
If you have access to coloured chat (in donator ranks), their name will appear red in chat. (will appear red in town, nation and local chat without access to coloured chat)

Wait what?
Players that do not have access to /fly can purchase it using our /flight menu!

Minor Chat Filter
A chat filter to filter the worst of the worst words has been added.

Wild Custom Mobs
There are now custom mobs wandering around the Overworld!
They each have special loot tables to drop armor and other useful items.
Be wary as they're tougher than vanilla mobs. Some have special abilities.

Relax and get drunk with some friends! (Responsibly, ofcourse)
Check it out at /warp tavern!

You no longer have to meet up to trade! Practice social distancing, sorry I had to say it.
You can do /trade <name> instead, works multi-world, supports XP and Cash!
And guess what? No taxes!

Upgradeable Hoppers
You can now buy upgradeable hoppers from /shop!
These have several features, such as: Multiple chest links, suction, item filters and more!
This will not effect vanilla or crafted hoppers.

Cozy Corner (Anti-AFK System)
The rules have changed regarding AFK, simply put, we no longer allow it nor AFK machines.
Please check out the updated rules here:
After 5 minutes of AFK, you will get a notification from the Cozy Corner that you will be teleported to it in 5 minutes. Once that 5 minutes passes, you're teleported there.

Upgradeable Spawners
Spawners can now be upgraded!
If you don't have Silk Spawners (from Iron Rank or IV and above), you can still use vanilla spawners by right-clicking them, this will claim them as yours to upgrade. You simply won't be able to move them from their position. If the spawner is not in a claimed area, it can be broken by other players.
Vanilla spawners will be converted to Upgradeable Spawners.