Changelog Towny V9.7 | Content Update


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Please note there is no Skyblock BETA V0.2 included here as this is a Towny Content Update
Let's get stuck in.


Brewery has been on the decline for a while, and Slimefun Exotic Garden covers the removal of this.
(Credit: @lukemango)


Ruined Towns
Towns that go into ruins will now automatically be set to 'public' meaning you can now /t spawn <name>.
If your town goes ruined and you reclaim it to recover it, you will need to disable the public setting to stop players being able to do this.
(Credit: @lukemango)

Java Version
We've updated CYT from JDK 11 to JDK 16, allowing us to update to 1.17 - Update coming soon
(Credit: @Oribuin @Frosty @cozyGalvinism @lukemango @brad)

The lobby has been changed!
(Credit: @Ceabed)

Spawner upgrades have been reduced, check them out here on the wiki!
(Credit: @lukemango)

Daily Rewards
Daily Rewards (the wheel) has been changed!
(Credit: @Oribuin @lukemango)

Shift + Click now sells your whole inventory!
(Credit: @lukemango)

The Tavern now sells Slimefun Exotic Garden drinks
(Credit: @lukemango)


New Dungeon
A revamp has washed over 'Burton's Chamber' and has brought it all the way from Version 3 and 4 to Version 9.
Check out the entirely revamped Dungeon at /warp Dungeon.
Warning: This is aimed at mid-game players, lower-end players will struggle to complete the Dungeon.
(Credit: @Pinkjemm @pentlock @lucy atticvip)

New Custom Mobs
All mobs that roam the worlds have been entirely redone.
The Nether also now has custom mobs. You're not safe!
(Credit: @Pinkjemm @Timo84746454)

Custom Enchantments
It's about time CE's worked, and we've done it properly this time.
Check them out with /ce! You may recognise a few from other servers!
We'll be releasing black/white scrolls, slot extenders and more soon.
The wiki page for Custom Enchantments will be updated in the near future.
(Credit: @lukemango)

As always, we're taking suggestions for the next content update. Please tell us your ideas on our Discord today.