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Please note there is no Skyblock v2.2 as we're preparing for Version 3



Slimefun Extra Tools
Even more content for slimefun!
Check it out using the /sf guide

Marriage Guide
A new marriage guide gui has been added in game (thanks to @Andrewfrigon)
Check it out by typing /marriage in game

Repair Tokens
Brand new repair tokens with multiple tiers are now in place (credit to @iChasm)
Repair tokens now repair based on durability, there are 5 tiers and each tier repairs more than the last

Shady Mage
A few more enchantments have been added to the shady mage! (credit to @iChasm)
Check them out at /warp mage

Spawnershop additions
Magma spawners have been added to the /spawnershop due to the 1.16 update (credit to @iChasm)
Farm animals such as pigs, cows etc. have also been added

Invisible Item Frames
Invisible Item Frames allow you to place items in item frames directly onto blocks without seeing the item frame behind it
These items can be crafted using 1 normal item frame and 8 gold ingots at /trader

New Quests
New quests have also been added (credit to @Emo_Hobo)

This has been delayed until tomorrow (26th September)


The banks GUI has had a complete overhaul and is now much easier to use than before
Check it out at /warp bank

Spin the wheel
The weekly and paid wheels in the spinner have both had a buff, so expect better rewards (credit to @RileyDean)

1.16 items in mcMMO
The new 1.16 items have been nerfed to give less EXP in mcMMO

Jobs rebalance and additions
Due to the new 1.16 update, many new blocks have been added, these blocks have now been added to the Miner and Builder jobs
The digger, woodcutter and crafter job have also been rebalanced (credit to @iChasm and @Yiroh)

The auction house will no longer force expired items into your inventory and must now be claimed on /ah

Bedrock Prefix
The Bedrock donator prefix has been redesigned and all existing Bedrock donators will have the new prefix (credit to @_ItzAmy_)


Jobs item boost
The jobs item boost has been removed due to the fact that it didn't work
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