Changelog November Content Update


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Please note there is no Skyblock v2.2 as we're preparing for Version 3.
Let's get stuck in.

We apologise this isn't the biggest update, but there's some quite
fun features being added.



Item Frame, Armor Stand, Painting and Leash Hitches Limit
Be creative, make your builds prettier!


LuckyBlocks - Applied early on the 14th November
Added all woods and nether blocks to possible drop list

Feeder Minion Price
Lowered feeder minion price from $50,000 to $35,000

PyroFishing has been nerfed due to not technically being able to limit rewards.

View Range - Applied early on the 14th November
View Range has been increased to 6 chunks (from 4)

Banks - Applied early on the 15th November
Deposit taxes have been removed.

Upgradeable Chests - Applied early on the 16th November
UpgradeableChests upgrading has been modified to all cost $3000 to add 5 pages.
Purchase a chest from /shop for $3000 dollars! (was $3500)


A new Slimefun addon, check it out with /sf guide!

Very similar to SlimeXpansion, check it out with /sf guide!

Golden Lasso
Need to transport mobs easier? You can do so now!
Purchase a lasso from /shop for $7500. Mobs will keep their NBT data such as name, type, etc!
Does not work on custom, mobs without eggs or mooshrooms.

Decrypting Runes to Mango and Mystical Crates
Due to how difficult they are to obtain, this is a speedier option for those willing.
Purchase from

We added quests, finally!
A total of 202 quests have been added, check them out with /quests.
You can only do 2 quests at a time.
They are not the same as those from Version 7.

Biome Changers - Delayed due to an issue
Don't like the biome your town is set in? No problem!
For $500 Cash you can change a plot (chunk) biome by using a Biome Changer!
Check it out by purchasing from /shop!

mild panik?
We've added Envoys! A total of 20 crates will drop at /warp Envoys every 4 hours, containing tons of cash, consumables, heirlooms and more.
But, there's a catch. Whilst there isn't any PvP, we've brought in a ton of custom mobs to make your life at envoys difficult. Be wary, they are extremely tough and surviving is purely based on your ability and gear.
How do you know when the next one will drop? There is a 45 second delay between claiming envoys. It's on the scoreboard, prepare yourselves for battle. Fly for obvious reasons is disabled, get those Speed Gems ready.

Experience Bottle
Bottle up your XP and sell it (if you want?)
/xpbottle <amount> or /xpbottle all
Must be Rank VI to use!


Present Hunt
The staff team have hidden Christmas Presents around the server areas, collect them all to earn an exclusive Xmas 2020 tag! Each present you claim gives rewards, some presents may be duds and not part of the event. There are a total of 100 presents hidden at: spawn, envoys, the bank and the mall. You can view how many presents you have claimed by hovering over the Christmas present in /player.
Good luck!

Christmas Calendar - Starts 1st December
Join each day and collect your daily reward from the Christmas Calendar at Santa's Grotto, located directly next to the Christmas Tree at /spawn!

Christmas Crate - Releasing 1st December
You can purchase the Christmas Crate on /buy!
These have unique tags, collectibles, weapons, gear and more!

Christmas-ified Spawn
Spawn has been christmas-ified, check it out!
We've also added a ride to /spawn for the christmas season!