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alright so lets just get down to the ultimate truth... doesn't matter to me anyway but here we go... So I woke up around 4 in the morning as tired as I was I wanted to play some Minecraft for a bit since in a few hours I was going to head to my moms wedding.... wooo!... anyway as I was playing I wanted to gather my rewards since I thought I was a pretty high level in most.... a bunch of them worked..... except the builder which of course I didn't know was a glitch (then again why the hell does the builder give uncommon keys anyway? the fuck?)…. as tired as I was I thought the best thing to do was to just keep going... just not stop trying till it activated I'm not going to say I didn't deserve it... that's on you guys to decided that... I'm just here to talk about this stuff.... anyway 1 I'd never buy anything just to save my ass that was a lie... so lets move on apparently this "glitch was no that big if I hear Not a Single Person in the chat talk about it I also checked periodically to see if any mods where on so I could eventually talk to them about this.... turns out none where on maybe I was to blind to see them that may as well be true... but at the time I wasn't in the discord, and I didn't exactly know how to access the forums so I was stuck.... so being who I am a person who just keeps trying the same shit... kept trying to get the builder to activate since I wanted to get the level 40 rewards Its all I damn wanted.... but instead I get the same thing 2 uncommon and the like.... I enjoy this server everyday I love everyone... but really this just pissed me off to the highest degree... to me I just sound like I child typing this out.... anyway back to the topic at hand... so I tried different things I filled my inventory up with all the damn keys i got hoping that this would, in some way, get it to think I already unlocked it..... but damn I'm a fucking idiot.... as humor has it I didn't actually get anything good out of the creates which of course I was going to donate everything I got anyway hell I don't like any of the creates besides the immortal, mango, and mythical + a few of the holiday ones so I would have just given them away to anyone.... also I would have enjoyed just you guys resetting my levels, my money, basically everything all I wanted was the town I spent a long time working on I don't care about the rest. yeah yeah I know this is fucking long but I cant be truthful otherwise... so where was I... ah yes a fucking idiot... so again I activated it over and over again (the duping part) and then as I was heading to spawn I was banned for 30 days... don't get really why its 30 maybe you guys can explain it better to me.... to me 30 days is just to long I lose the will to even play the game.... maybe that's why its like that to make people quit playing... that's the truth right there I really need to be more open about this shit (yeah I do in fact talk to myself a bunch tis why I never go on social media I cant trust anyone except myself although I do love everyone that was crushed in milliseconds.... man that was chewing at me for a bit now.... maybe my sentence will be extended due to this hahaha.... ha.... :( oh before I forget drop my rank 1 down from where its at I was very close to it before this whole bullshit happened but if you want to reset that down to 1 as well that fine too.... anyway good luck people see you in 27 days... I guess. the one who banned was a originalmistake... should i put that here?... probably not but whatever.... there going to yell at me anyway... please don't replay to this thank you.... just read it and carry on
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probably best messaging staff in private about this :)
having public threads about it can potentially cause drama on a matter that only involves you & staff

best of luck with ur thingy
love chairno