Changelog May Content Update


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Please note there is no Skyblock v2.2 as we're preparing for Version 1.
This update requires you to update your CYT Resource Pack.

Let's get stuck in.


Mob Arena
Mob Arena has been removed and replaced with the Angel Tower!


Rule Changes
G13: Manager and above have the final say in all matters. If you have an issue with a ruling, feel free to make an appeal and/or staff report if you feel it was unjust. Do not continue to argue about it as this will make the punishment tougher.
T1: Any plot that is either not claimed nor has the intended plot permission (specifically destroy/build permissions) can be changed/broken etc. without punishment. Joining a town with the sole intent of bypassing plot permissions is punishable.
T3: Keep the world presentable. Eyesores will be removed, these include things (but are not limited to): lava casts (lava/water pyramids), large craters in the map, mass destruction of terrain (keep that to the resource world). This rule only applies to the Overworld.
T14 has been removed.

Towns upkeep have been changed. We have also changed the price to claim land with towns to $650. Check out the wiki for updated upkeep prices!

Staff and Donor Rank Colours
All staff and donor ranks got their own hex colors! Check them out in chat and in tab!
(Credit: @brad)

Balanced rewards for the piñata.
(Credit: @Sadbri)

All crates got a revamp with new rewards along side some previous ones!
Rare Crate: Increased chances for mcMMO credit, and added sponge and heart of the sea as rewards.
Vote Crate: Added sponge and heart of the sea as rewards.
(Credit: @Sadbri)
Tags have been removed from the Vote, Uncommon and Rare Crate but have been replaced with a key to the Cosmetic Crate.
(Credit: @lukemango)

The VoteParty rewards have gotten a buff. A 1.2x server-wide Jobs/mcMMO boost for 5 minutes has been added after reaching a VoteParty.

The jobs limit was changed to $25k/12hr

All fish from PyroFishing got custom textures!
(Credit: @Pinkjemm)
Pyro Fishing tournaments got replaced by Tournaments. There was also a cap put in place to match the jobs cap of $25k/12hr
(Credit: @lukemango)

Bedrock Donator Rank
The Bedrock donator rank has been changed to Netherite donator rank. This is to help with any confusion with bedrock players! We have also added some more perks to go along with the rank!
All Netherite players now have 2 special particles called "Demon Twist" and "Colorful Trail"
(Credit: @brad)


Towny Earth
We have added a whole new map, Towny Earth! This new world is a 1:1000 replica of the world. Check it out using /rtp and select Earth to start exploring! This new world also has Towny enabled so you can create towns on Earth!

New Tower
There is a new tower called the Angel Tower! It is easier than the demon tower, and a great way to make some cash for those who are just starting out.
(Credit: @pentlock)
We also made /tower a GUI so you can pick either Demon Tower or Angel Tower. A timer for both the Demon Tower and Angel Tower have been added to the scoreboard.
(Credit: @lukemango)

Cosmetic Crate
A cosmetic crate has been drafted in to replace the tags removed from Vote, Uncommon and Rare crates!
(Credit: @lukemango)

We have added a few cosmetics to each donator rank as well as a bunch more in the Cosmetic Crate. Use /cosmetics. You can also head to /spawn and punch the cosmetic crate to see what you can obtain!

Coal Donator Rank
We have added a whole new donator rank called Coal! This is the lowest paid rank you can obtain. It currently costs $3.99 on the store! Use to check out the perks that come along with it!

Envoys are back and better than ever with a brand new map and all new custom mobs! Use /warp Envoys to try it out!
(Credit: @pentlock)

We now have a /marry chat [message] command! Try it out with your spouse! We also gave couples a 1.12x Jobs boost if you are within 20 blocks of your partner!
(Credit: @Frosty)

Auction Worth
/iworth [time] was added to check the worth of an item in a specific time period.

Tournaments got a few updates:
Added a most fish caught tournament!
Added a longest fish caught tournament!
Tournaments now show the countdown on the scoreboard!
(Credit: @Frosty)

Player Warps
Added the ability to ban players from your warp!
(Credit: @cozyGalvinism)

Item Filter
Added the ability to disable pickup for all of the stone tools and tipped arrows. /if edit
(Credit: @Andrew)

Custom Items
We have added a custom heirloom fishing rod!

We have added the ability to purchase mcMMO and Jobs boosts on the store. This is a global boost so anyone on the server at the time of purchase will receive it, check them out using
You can also purchase these boosts for yourself in spawn using the NPC across from The Vendor. You can now also purchase personal XP boosts at spawn!

You can now scrap extra legendary heirlooms for Legendary Catalysts! You can use these Catalysts to obtain other custom items and mcMMO credits.
1 Legendary Heirloom = 1 Legendary Catalyst
1 Catalyst + 1 Bottle of wrath = 3 mcMMO credit
3 Catalysts + 1 Bottle of worship = 5 mcMMO credits
3 Catalysts = 1 new Legendary Heirloom
4 Catalysts + 1 Ancient Ornament = 1 Bottle of Worship
3 Catalysts + 1 Ancient Ornament = 1 Bottle of Wrath
2 Catalysts + 1 Ancient Ornament = 1 Bottle of Sin
(Credit: @Andrew)

The Wiki has been updated to include the various artifacts you can obtain with information regarding each one. Go check them out!
(Credit: @Andrew)
Pages showing Colour Codes, The Angel Tower, Envoys and Nation Upkeep & Taxes have been added!
(Credit: @lukemango)