Changelog March Content Update


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Please note there is no Skyblock v2.2 as we're preparing for Version 1.
Let's get stuck in.

This is potentially the biggest content update of Version 9 so far.


Plot reward on /ranks
Not necessary.
(Credit: @lukemango)

Several NPCs and Holograms at /spawn
Prevent clutter.
(Credit: @lukemango)


Optimized the Bank Significantly, It will no longer do 3600 connections an hour anymore
Bank should no longer completely crash the server
Added /bank upgrade
Fixed bank depositing 0.01 less than you asked it to
(Hopefully) Fixed not being able to deposit full amounts into bank
(Credit: @Oribuin)

Item Filter
GUI Overhaul (Credit: @lukemango @Andrewfrigon)
Removed /if search, use /if <item_id> to toggle if not shown in GUI. (Credit: @Oribuin)

Removed pet elevations, unused feature.
(Credit: @Oribuin)

General Commands
Removed bloat commands (/grape, /gaytext etc)
(Credit: @Oribuin)

Reboot Time
Reboot time has been changed to 12pm GMT/7am EST
(Credit: @lukemango)

React Crate
React Crate has been buffed!
(Credit: @lukemango)

Claim GUI
Instead of having multiple commands and GUIs to claim rewards, we centralised them by adding /claim!
(Credit: @lukemango)

/bank commands (rolled out early)
Rank V and Bedrock now have access to /bank!
(Credit: @lukemango @Oribuin)

Reset Quests Data
Every content update, quests data gets reset and you can take them on again!
/quests to begin.
(Credit: @lukemango)

Resource World has been reset!
Due to the addition of a new Slimefun 4 Add-on, we've reset the world to allow generation.
(Credit: @brad)

Town Upkeep
Potentially the best part for those who want to make big, extravagant towns.
Check out your new upkeep: Click here
(Credit: @lukemango)


Crate Tags
New tags have been added to React, Rare, Uncommon and Vote crates!
(Credit: @_ItzAmy_ @lukemango)

39 Custom Mobs Kill Quests
39 new quests have been added!
Check them out with /quests!
(Credit: @lukemango)

Mob Arena Crate
Key given every 10 rounds!
Check it out with /ca join!
(Credit: @brad)

Exotic Garden
Exotic Garden (Slimefun 4 Add-on) has been added!
Check it out with /sf guide - Trees and plants can only be found at the Resource World
(Credit: @lukemango & Slimefun 4)

Custom Enchantments (DELAYED)
Wooop! Finally.
Check them out with /ce!
A full list can be found at: Click here
This has sadly been postponed due to a last minute issue during testing,
we'll roll this out as soon as possible.
(Credit: @Britton B)

Daily Tournaments
3 tournaments will be running at all times!
Check them out with /tournaments
(Credit: @TR)

Leaderboard Room
The beloved leaderboard room has been re-added!
Check it out at /warp leaderboards!
(Credit: @Oribuin @lukemango @Andrewfrigon)

HEX Nicknames for Bedrock Donator Rank
Bedrock Donator Rank members can now use HEX colourcodes in /nick!
(Credit: @lukemango)