Changelog January Content Update


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Please note there is no Skyblock v2.2 as we're preparing for Version 3.
Let's get stuck in.

We apologise this isn't the biggest update, but there's some quite
fun features being added.



Nothing was removed!


All tags in all crates have been replaced!
Check them out at /warp Crates!

All jobs now have a level cap of 200, this is for those who want to grind for the extra bonus!

Claiming costs have been lowered, was $3000 and now costs $1750.
Extra claim blocks have been lowered, was $850 and now costs $450.
Daily Upkeep has been increased from $60 to $85 per chunk per day.


Mob Arena
The new mob arena is here and entirely revamped!
Check it out with /ca join!

Slimefun: ExtraTools
Whoo! More Slimefun Content has been added.
Check it out with /sf guide!

8 new in-game ranks
Check them out with /ranks!

Bows and Crossbows to Tier System
You can now obtain legendary, epic, rare, uncommon and common bows/crossbows the same way as the other tools!

Biome Changer
The biome changer is an unseen feature in the world of Minecraft, and allows you to change the biome of the chunk you're currently stood in to any that Minecraft offers.
Purchase it from /shop!

Upgrade Tools
You can now upgrade heirlooms!
Trade them at /warp Vendor!

Ancient Ornaments
You can now trade Ancient Ornaments for heirlooms (specific tiers)
Trade them at /warp Vendor!

Daily, Weekly Rewards
We've brought back Daily and Weekly rewards!
Claim them at /spawn!

Paid Wheel Spin
You can pay and test your luck to get good rewards!
Check it out on the Daily/Weekly Rewards GUI at /spawn!

Lucky Blocks may return later this month or in Version 9.3