Henlo! I am Music! <3


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Nice to meet you! <3 I am new to the server, I am really enjoying everything so far! I am 18 years old, I (obviously) am obsessed with minecraft! Some of my obsession outside of Minecraft are Music (Again obviously) playing, and listening! I have a 4 year old pitbull her name is Dixie! Pictured Below She is the cutest! Don't let her breed scare you she is the calmest gentlest dog I've ever met! She doesn't even bark at people. Some of my hobbies include [;gin management! I own a couple servers and I just like to mess around with plugins. See what i can make them do see how I can configure them to act differently (Requires some knowledge with Java Script wouldn't say I am expert but I can navigate it) I know I am bit all over the place in this but I don't really know how to format these kind of things xD Uhhh you can call me Music! no need to call me Music Man or TheMusicMan250, just call me Music! less typing ya know ? Haha! I am always down to have conversations with people! Love socializing if you need anything in the game just ask me! I am typically more than happy to assist! Thanks for reading REMEMBER TO DRINK WATER AND EAT SOMETHING. I AM PROUD OF YOU, YOU ARE PERFECT, YOU ARE STRONG <3 IF YOU GUYS NEEDS ANYTHING LET ME KNOW!