Changelog February Content (ish) Update


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Please note there is no Skyblock v2.2 as we're preparing for Version 3.
Let's get stuck in.

We apologise for the lack of content added in this update, this was mainly a
backend overhaul and optimization of our features.
There are some nice QoL features in this update.


Nothing was removed!


Jobs Rewards
Jobs rewards are now click to claim, this prevents you losing any incase of a full inventory.
This means even if you've claimed them before, you can claim them one final time.
Do /jobsrewards to do so.

Jobs have all been boosted from 1.15x to 1.175x

Texture Pack
Crate Keys now have custom textures, trade old ones in with /larry
Fixed balloons in the off hand being held incorrectly

Uncommon, Vote Crates
Added Haste/Speed Gems to Vote and Uncommon crates.

World Borders
The Overworld, Nether and End have all been extended to 30k x 30k (from 20k)

The Bank
The Bank has returned with an entire recode of the plugin.
This includes a fix for those losing their money in the bank.
Check it out at /warp Bank
Credit: @Oribuin

Core Rewrite
Our core features have been rewritten.
Too many things to list, but it ranges from /nv, /itemfilter, /vacuum, /bank etc.
Credit: @Oribuin

Pets GUI
Manage your pets (even those forgotten) with the new /pets GUI!
Credit: @Oribuin

Spawn has been valentines-ified!

Towny Time has been set to 10pm GMT (5pm EST)

Item Filter
Item Filters selection GUI has been modified.
It now includes all vanilla items.
Credit: @Oribuin


Lucky Blocks could not be re-added
There are too many issues with the plugin we used, we're looking into a custom replacement

Bedrock Support
Bedrock Players can now enjoy CraftYourTown!
If you're on Xbox, Play Station or Nintendo Switch, check this out to join.

Salzer & Smegal Tags
These tags have been added to the Mango Crate per choice of Smegalmaster and AppleSalzer.

Invisible Item Frames
Sneak and Rightclick item frames to change them.
This costs $25
Credit: @Oribuin

Automatic Chat Announcements
Chat Announcements have been re-added to give information that players may need.

Climate V2
Climate V2 allows you to change the resource world, overworld and adds a delay to prevent spam.
Check it out with /climate.
Credit: @Oribuin

Marriage (Relationships) V2
Marriage is back!
Get married at /warp chapel!
/marry propose <name>!
Credit: @TR

Server Selector
Re-added the beloved Server Selector to the Lobby.

Re-added the Queue System to the Lobby.


The Valentines Event has started!
Check out /warp ValentinesDayEvent for more information!
The rewards for winning have not been released yet <3


What took so long with this update?
The main reason this took so long wasn't our backend overhaul, that took just over 7 hours, it was waiting for the Towny server to finish generating the extra 10,000 radius. This took an extra 7-9 hours. We had around ~1,500,000 chunks before in the Overworld, and that number has more than doubled to ~3,500,000.

What was the backend overhaul?
We entirely moved around and spaced out our infrastructure, added more security steps and data protection.
This is the simple premise of it, but we can go into more detail if the tech nerds would like that, just let us know <3


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If you wanna know some of the extra things I did that weren't mentioned because the list was literally too long.

Anvils will no longer say they will take at minimum 5 levels from you when you use it, and then never do it.

Bank & Interest
As luke mentioned, Bank has been entirely recoded from scratch and interest and there's been a few changes.

The way you can deposit/withdraw money in the bank through a GUI has allowed custom amounts instead of the old system.
The bank will now tell you when you have earned your interest and how much.
The bank should also never clear your balance anymore.

Teleporting up elevators is now more accurate and doesn't require you to be standing still, They will also allow blocks that can be passed through, Meaning torches will not stop them from working.

You can now use pets on elevators, Just hold shift and right click your pet when they are on it. Choose the desired direction and they will teleport

Elevators are now safer, They won't teleport you if there is liquid on the elevator platform, They will instead teleport you to an elevator below if available.

Item Filters
I completely changed the way the GUI works for Item Filters when editing the list of items you want enabled/disabled.

Struggling to navigate through the GUI? Narrow down the items you want with /itemfilter search <item-name>, It will show you a list of all items that match your item.

Item Holos
Items will now show their name above them when they are dropped, they will also show the amount.

You can now sit on two more blocks! You can now sit on lily pads and beds, Two people can sit on a bed if they want.

Withers won't be heard across the world, You can only hear the wither spawning if you are 100 blocks away.


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I keep hearing LiteXpansion from slimefun is going to get removed is this true? In addition to this why did they remove the automated crafting chamber from slimefun? I dont get it. It says deprecated item its goinng to be removed but there was nothing in patch notes about it?
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