CYT Olympics!


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Hello All!

Here is info regarding the CYT Olympics as agreed to by the CYT Olympic Committee:

Starting at August 3, 2021 3:00 PM EST and hosted by Hot Boy Nation.

Each town may send a team of 1-4 people to compete in different events randomly assigned by the mayor of the town. The activities include: horse racing, boat racing, archery, pvp, and parkour. For a town to enter they must pay $500 to clockwise99 and mail clockwise99 stating they have registered. The prize for the winning town will be $60,000, with at least 60% ($36,000) being used to compensate the team. The winning town will also host the next Olympic games. However, there may also be individual teams not repping towns. These teams must have a team name and will win the full prize to be split evenly among team members. The entry fee will be $500 for any team.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, you may sponsor any amount of money and receive recognition. However towns/individuals who sponsor $1,000 will receive an area to place an advertisement sign. Individuals who sponsor $5,000+ can receive a booth near the site to sell goods. For more deatils, please visit the document below.

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