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We've removed the Casino due to your feedback and moved BlackJack back to /pww ATC.

ChestShop (Removing officially on the 7th July)
Keep reading for it's replacement, it's important!

ChestShop Notifier
It's no longer needed due to the removal of ChestShop

Crop Growth Accelerator
You couldn't craft it anyway..

Daily/Weekly Rewards [v1]
We're removing these, but DONT WORRY. They're replaced with something much better. Keep reading.


Shady Mage
You'll need to convert any current tokens into the new Token system at /warp Mage as we're replacing the hand-held ones. You have until the 15th July to do so, then they will be deprecated.
We've changed the cost from 32x Spider Eyes per 1 token to 48x Spider Eyes per 1 token. (
DONT WORRY! You're still be able to sell the new ones by withdrawing them into their item form with /token withdraw <amount>
These have been designed to keep the previous rates and the value each token represents the same.
48 Spider Eyes » 1 Token
64 Rotten Flesh » 1 Token
Tier 1 Token » 1 Token
Tier 2 Token » 5 Tokens
Tier 3 Token » 50 Tokens
Deluxe Token » 1000 Tokens

Woodcutter (specifically leaves) has been nerfed to align it with other jobs.

We've added Donator Crates to the Rare and Common Crate with a low percentage.
All tags currently in the crates have been replaced and new ones have been added.
The percentage to win tags has been lowered.
Check it out at /warp crates!

We've moved /trash from Commoner to Gatherer

Custom Enchants
You temporarily don't require Tokens to purchase Custom Enchantments. To equate for the value loss, we've doubled the amount of Cash it costs, and added 20 extra XP levels to each tier. These changes will be rolled back once we've finalized and are happy with the new Token system.

King of the Hill
We've changed the stick to a raw salmon
Credit: @Amber for suggesting

Bedrock Rank
We've changed the Bedrock Rank price back to $7.99/mo
This does not affect already active subscriptions.


This shows the top players with the highest playtime!
Credit: @iChasm for suggesting

More Brewery Recipes
Credit: @_ItzAmy_ and @Sadbri
Umbral Cocktail
- Ingredients: Ender Pearl x2
Fermented spider eye x1
Coal Block x1
- Ferment: 4
- Distil: -
- Age: Dark Oak, 5 years

- Ingredients: Obsidian x1
Gunpowerder x1
Soul Sand x2
- Ferment: 5 mins
- Distil: -
- Age: Birch, 3 years

- Ingredients: Packed Ice x3
Soul Sand x2
Bucket of milk x1
-Ferment: 6 mins
- Distil: 4
- Age: -

Ender Coffee
- Ingredients: Ender Eye x1
Cocoa Beans x4
Bucket of Milk x1
Ferment: 2 mins
Distil: -
Age: -

Grim Reaper
- Ingredients: Wither Skeleton Skull x1
Blaze Rods x2
Apple x2
- Ferment: 4 mins
- Distil: 2
- Age: -

- Ingredients: Blaze Rods x4
Magma Cream x5
Sugar x5
Ferment: 5 mins
Distil: 4
Age: -

- Ingredients: Wheat x8
Ice x8
SF Magnet x1
- Ferment: 2 mins
- Distil:
- Age: Dark Oak, 4 years

Frigs Flirtini
- Ingredients: Sugar Cane x4
Wheat x8
Ghast Tear x1
Ice x3
- Ferment: 6 mins
- Distil: -
- Age: Dark Oak, 4 years

Golden Vodka
- Ingredients:
Potato x10
Golden Nugget x2
- Ferment: 18 mins
- Distil: 3
- Age: -

Silvers Sangria
Sugar Cane x6
Apple x5
Ice x2
Glitering melon slice x5
Golden Mead x1
Ferment: 5 Mins
Distil: 1
Age: Oak, 4 years

Nether Star x1
Glowstone Dust x1
Ghast Tear x1
Ferment: 8
Distil: 3
Age: Oak, 5yrs

Marcys Bloody Margarita
Ice x2
Apple x2
Bottle of Honey x2
Diorite x3
Ferment: 4 mins
Distil: -
Age: Any, 4 years

QuickShop is our replacement for ChestShop.
Shop owners have 7 days (until 7th July) to switch their shop from ChestShop to QuickShop
Check this out on how to use it:
Credit: @Andrewfrigon for setting up

More Custom Enchantments
Check them out with /ce!
Currently, they're not shown on /ce list but they'll be added soon!
Please let us know if you find any issues with these!
Telepathy - all you mine goes into your inventory (works with itemfilter and infusion). [Works on Pickaxes & Shovels]

Greene - Speeds up the growth of nearby plants / trees. Could be used on hoe, and be active as long as you hold the tool. As an example - 50% to increase crop's growth stage every 10 ticks. [Works on Hoes & Shovels]

Fire Block - If you block an attack with a shield it ignites the attacker. [Works on Shields]

Chain - chain somebody up when youre fighting! Apply slowness effect so the person can't move. [Works on Axes & Swords]
Thanks to @Grzeslaw1 for suggesting these!

Mango Crate
We've added a Mango Rod aswell as a Mango Bow to the crate!
Purchase a crate key from

Jobs Rewards
Every 20 levels you pass in any job, you'll recieve a different reward.
At level 100, you'll recieve a tag!
Check what you can win in your job with /jobs!
Credit: @Fear for picking the rewards

Spawner Shop
To the sellers, do not panic. The prices are quite high to pursuade players to purchase from other players, but in the case nobody is available or has a spawner they want, they can purchase from the server.
Check it out with /spawners (or /spawnershop)
Credit: @ChunkyChaya for setting prices

(Re-added) Lucky Blocks
We've tested, and tested, and tested again that these are working. We've found no opening issues and have tested with several accounts to make sure.

King of the Hill (Was done a few days early)
We've re-added a classic to the Lobby on the ship so you can entertain yourselves whilst the server is rebooting.

Spin the Wheel
We're replacing our current Daily/Weekly rewards with a custom wheel spin.
It's in the same place where the previous used to reside.
What will you win?
Credit: @TR for developing this for us, @Sadbri for Daily Rewards and @Starkittycat for Weekly Rewards!

Forgotten City
Rumors are abound of a long forgotten city, lost to the ages of time. It is your job to uncover the truth about these rumors and see if there is any truth to them. Will there be a city that can be discovered, with vast treasures throughout? Or is it nothing more than some drunken stories? Start this thrilling adventure by speaking to Thebrin located in the Cozy Corner.



The Summer Event has started!
Head to /warp Summer and start finding the Summer Rewards located around the island.
There's a free tag for collecting all of the Summer Rewards!



New Dungeon!

Cloud City has been released, check it out at /warp Dungeons
☁ Don't be fooled by it's pretty looks. ☁


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