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(If you came looking for Marriage I hate to break it to you but you'll be merely disappointed)


Dagger, React and Vulture Crate
We're releasing 3 new keys in their place!

Death Messages
We've all had those incidents where you have a bit of an embarrassing death, now you don't have to worry about it (as much)!

This has been disabled due to the addition of banks.

This has become used for a "pay to win" style using smaller mobs for small hitboxes.

Rankup GUI confirmation
You no longer have to click a GUI everytime you rankup!

Removed /warp Mall
If you had a stall here, please contact an Admin+ or #support and we'll get your stuff back for you!
A better alternative to this is /pwarp


Top Voter Rewards (Monthly)
We're trialling this for 2 months to see if we see a difference in the amount of players voting.
This will begin May 1st, March top voters will recieve the old rewards.
Some sites are 24 hour delay, whilst others are 12 hour delays. Best of luck!
New rewards:
1st place: 15$ Tebex Voucher + 10$ PayPal (if applicable, if not, 25$ Tebex)
2nd place: 10$ Tebex Voucher + 5$ PayPal (if applicable, if not, 15$ Tebex)
3rd place: 5$ Tebex Voucher (unchanged)

Mob Activation and Despawn ranges have been increased.
We're trying this as a fix for your mobs randomly dissapearing. The vacuum has been ruled out as a source and we assume it has to do with the custom optimized settings.

Vote Rewards
Per-vote-rewards and lucky votes have been buffed!

Crate Overhaul
We've modified the rewards for all crates!
Credit: @RileyDean

Check them out here
The entire rule list has been rewritten, please read over them to make sure you don't accidentally break them!

Nation tax has been lowered from 750$/town to 625$/town
Nation creation price has been raised from $50,000 to $100,000
Town creation price has been raised from $15,000 to $35,000
Maximum flat tax amount raised from $1,000 to $5,000

Taxes have been lower to 12.5%

Balance Cap
Balance Cap has been raised to $3084000 (The rank price for Duke/Duchess)
We're keeping it limited to monitor how the economy progresses around the changes we're making in this patch.

Mob Arena
New arena! Icy themed, warning! Quite cold.
This one is a little more difficult, give it your best shot.

New spawn (Woop!)
Yes, we're keeping this one for a while. Hush.

Several items have been re-enabled

Added /tptoggle to this rank

/bank [withdraw, deposit, balance] [amount] has been added to this rank

We've heavily modified jobs to make it one of the main types of income rather than a side/secondary income.
All players jobs levels have been reset - With the current state of jobs and people gaining XP far far faster than it needs to be, it made it impossible to balance levelling and getting extra money for levelling up. We're making sure we get this right with this change, and at the new level 1 you'll be making more than at the current level 60.
Changed jobs limit to $65000 per 24 hour interval.
Removed losing money for placing ores in most jobs.
Removed any smelting/cooking from "Farmer" job.
Removed "Fisher" job.

As the Fisher job has been removed, we've rebalanced (buffed) this to accomodate for that.
Removed "LargemouthWookie" fish
Added "Kuyfish" fish (@Kuyuts)

Shady Mage
Looting and Unbreaking Enchantments have been added. These are more expensive due to their benefits.
Added rest of mcMMO abilities.
Credit: @Fear @ChunkyChaya


You can now head to /warp Bank and store your money! There's quite a lot of easter eggs hidden about
Rank up to Earl/Countess to access /bank, /bank deposit, /bank balance and /bank withdraw!
Confused still? Check out our help sheet here

Redstone Clock Breaker
Redstone clocks that are too fast (don't have 4 full repeater delays) will be automatically broken.
Make sure you're abiding the rules!

Mango, Spark and Lightning Crates
To replace Vulture and Dagger crates, we've got 3 new ones in store!
Mango Crate - $7.50
Spark Crate - $5.00
Lightning Crate - $2.50
Check them out at /warp crates!
(Bulk options are available for a discounted price! Check for more info.)
Credit: @RileyDean

Feel like completing some tasks for cash?
We've got you. Whether you like simple tasks or extensive and detailed ones, you're covered.
Type /quests to get started!
Credit: @Emo_Hobo @XP_PD

It's back! We've made things more useful and quicker to make!
Thanks to @Sadbri and @_ItzAmy_ for designing these!
Check out the brews and recipes here

Command Cooldowns
/feed (or /eat) - 60 seconds (already present)
/afk - 120 seconds

Command Costs
/tpa (all forms) - 25$ per use (This will not charge the recipient (the person who types /tpaccept) but just the person who initiated the request)
/near (and /nearby) - 100$ per use

/pay Tax
A 12.5% tax has been added to /pay to make the taxes universal across all player-based income.

New items in the Dungeon Trader
Check them out at spawn or with /trader!

It's back! Let your dreams take flight?..
Block Placers and Chunk Loaders are disabled for TPS/exploit reasons.

Player Referral
Players with <60 minutes of playtime can now type /ref <name> to get rewards for the player who sent them and themselves!

Custom Enchantments
Instead of using a regular free plugin and remove them after a week realising they're far too buggy to use, we decided to go custom.
These are exclusive to CYT and we can modify them in any way we desire!
Suggest more CE's here
Check the current CEs out here
Credit: @Fadest

Added dungeon armour and weapons to the Trader menu!
See them with /trader.


As promised, the first 2 Dungeons are released! (More are on the way)
Some information:
* Please note that these dungeons are designed for groups of players to work together, you will likely not make it very far at all if you're a sole player.

* Dungeons are limited to 20 players on the server as a whole, more instances of Dungeons will be added if this is constantly at maximum capacity.

* Slimefun Items are disabled here. Speed, Repair and Haste gems work here.

* Currently Donator Ranks/Perks/Tags are not present on Dungeons but this is soon to change once they're decided. Perks will not be the same as Towny for balancing reasons.

* Inventories, Ender Chests, mcMMO and Balances are linked cross-server.

* Please report bugs in the normal Bugs section, as well as suggestions to the Suggestions section.

* An AFK-kick of 300 seconds has been set to prevent people from hoarding the server slots.

* More recipes have been added to /trader which require dungeon items, you get them from mob drops. See them with /trader.

* You do NOT lose money from dying in the Dungeons

Please click the banner above to see all current issues, as well as to report new ones.

PSST! Type /redeem Frog for a Frog Pet! (activate with /pets)
Available for the 25th and 26th April only!