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Oh boy, you're not ready for this one. Hot chocolate and some chocolate chip cookies are most definitely in order.
If you choose to ignore this, you have been warned!

The Christmas season is now officially over, so it's time to focus on what's next. I promised in my What 2020 holds for CYT post that we have tons of things planned for you all, and I do not plan to let you down. Let's start 2020 off right.

We have updated to 1.15.2 for all servers; if you cannot connect this is most likely why!



Removed Xmas Event

Removed the huge message in chat when you connect

It was obnoxious and we all hated it, don't lie.

Removed the extra space at the start of usernames that didn't have a tag selected
BEST FIX IN THE PATCH. Can't change our mind.

Removed AdvancedAchievements
These were very similar to our new Quests, keep reading for more information!

Removed VoteParty [v1]
We can already sense you're thinking: WHAT?
It's being replaced with VoteParty [v2] more interactive and more community-centred. Keep reading for more information!

Removed Current Quests

Removed Content Staff Role

We understand this might be strange to see, but it's for the better.
Content has become somewhat obsolete and if you haven't noticed, barely anyone actually applied for it. We're replacing it with a new role that will make more sense of this.

Removed Tome of Knowledge Sharing
This is simply to re-ignite the XP market among the new players


Added /kit color
This is simply a book to allow for you to see the color codes

Added Teleport Pads
These are highly useful, to make one simply place an obsidian block with a stone pressure plate on top. The 4 blocks around it are what links them together.
You cannot use the following blocks for the pattern:
- dirt
- grass_path
- mycelium
- grass_block
- stone
- granite
- diorite
- andesite
- netherrack

Non-donators can place 2 Teleport Pads
Iron donators can place 5 Teleport Pads
Gold donators can place 7 Teleport Pads
Diamond donators can place 10 Teleport Pads
Emerald donators can place 15 Teleport Pads
Obsidian donators can place unlimited Teleport Pads
Bedrock does not get any extra Teleport Pads

Added Quests
Yes yes, we've heard you cry. YOU WANT MORE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY.
Over 300 quests have been added for your enjoyment (or pain, we'll find out)
Thankyou @DodieC <3
/quests to get started!

Added Mall Shop
We're re-adding revamped Mall Gear, Mall Weapons and Mall Extras
Mall Gear has two options, a static value set and a randomised value set (this means that with static you know exactly what values you're getting, but with randomised it could be significantly worse than static, or better)
Check them out at /warp Mall!

This has been delayed due to updating to 1.15 and some balancing is still required.

Added Stocks
These are actually the same prices as real life (and in real-time) and are at a maximum of 15 minutes behind.
You can now get side income by investing in companies that you believe in!
Check out /stocks for more information!
(If you become rich in real life because of stocks in the future, don't forget where you learnt it!)


Added Minions
These helpful fellas are more useful (and optimised (tee-hee)) than Slimefun Androids!
You can get them to do the dirty work that you really can't be bothered to do. Oh, and hook them up to chests!
Type /minions store to purchase
Default Players can place 2 Minions
Iron Donator Ranks can place 5 Minions
Gold Donator Ranks can place 7 Minions
Diamond Donator Ranks can place 10 Minions
Emerald Donator Ranks can place 12 Minions
Obsidian Donator Ranks can place 15 Minions
Bedrock Donator Ranks do not get any extra minions


Added New CYT Casino Games
We've gone ahead and added two new rooms to our /warp casino.
We've readded the original casino method has returned. Purchase chips for them from the casino.
We also went ahead and added 5 new GUI-based casino games, accessible from anywhere by typing /casino!
You can play Crash, Jackpot, Spin-the-wheel, Coinflip and Rock/Paper/Scissors (Jackpot, Coinflip and Rock/Paper/Scissors are multiplayer)

Added Golden Lasso
Now you might be thinking.. what?
Golden Lassos are custom craftable leads that you can use to right-click mobs to get them in the form of a spawn egg.
Please note that it does cost 7000$ per-use, and can only be used once. You will have to craft more than one to catch more than one mob.
Suggestion thread:

Added Vote Party [v2]
The replacement to VoteParty [v1]
This is a new event that will trigger every 100 votes (like the VoteParty [v1]) but will happen at a certain location.
You have to punch the Pinata 15x(the number of players online) and all the rewards will then be released to the players below it.
You can punch it 15 times yourself but then you require other people to finish the rest.
There are rewards for each punch as well as the rewards below for when it opens.
  • Zeta
    • 1000 20%
    • 2500 15%
    • 5000 10%
    • 10000 5%
  • Shulker Box 10%
  • Barrels
    • Small Barrel 25%
    • Medium Barrel 20%
    • Big Barrel 15%
    • Large Barrel 10%
    • DSU 1%
  • Assorted SF Dusts 32x at 10%
  • Redstone alloy ingot 8x at 3%
  • Reinforced Alloy Ingot 4x at 3%
  • End rod x64 15%
  • Lanterns x64 20%
  • Wither Rose 4x 10%
  • Totem of undying 1x 5%


Resource World has been reset!
We've also made it larger, from 2,500 blocks wide to 3,500!
More room for BEES ?

Rank up Rewards
We've changed the initial reward when you used to get the "Kit Iron" one-time-use item to a Repair Gem.

XP Bottle
We've lifted the maximum amount of XP you can bottle from 1.25M to 5M
Suggested here:

Spawner Shop - @RileyDean @XP_PD2
We've revamped the Spawner Shop prices to fit the changes that have been made over-time to our economy.
Check /spawnershop out!
Creeper - $100,000
Skeleton - $20,000
Zombie - $20,000
Spider - $20,000
Slime - $40,000
Magma Cube - $200,000
Blaze - $40,000
Enderman - No change
Pig Zmbie - No change
Witch - $300,000
Guardian - $500,000
Pig - $20,000
Sheep - $20,000
Chicken - $10,000
Llama - $30,000
Iron Golem - $3,500,000
Wolf - $60,000
Drowned - $100,000
Turtle - $90,000
Panda - No change
Fox - $45,000
Enderdragon - Removed purchase ability

Changed Maximum Balance Limit to 25M
Will be increased if someone reaches this, it's simply in place to ensure the economy doesn't break if a game-breaking economy glitch is found/abused.

Mob Arena Update
New kits: Dominator and Exterminator
Per wave: 35$ (was 25$)
Per 5 waves: 200$ (was 125$)
Per 10 waves: 500$ (was 300$)
Per 20 waves: 1500$ (was 500$)

Towny Update
We've now set it up so, after 45 days of a mayor being inactive, the town now gets deleted. This will free up tons of space for us active ones!
We've increased the amount it costs to make a town from 8,000$ to 15,000$
We've lowered the amount it costs to make a nation from 100,000$ to 50,000$
Per-plot upkeep has been increased from 100$/plot/day to 125$/plot/day

Custom Enchantments
So, it's been a while since we tried these out again and there have been around ~14 updates since we last used it, so let's give it another shot.
We'll keep monitoring these closely to see the results. For now, though, enjoy it!
We also went ahead and reduced the price for Protection Crystals from 25,000$ per to 4,500$ per!

Marriage no longer requires a priest!
You can do it on your own free will, make churches, do celebrations and have a honeymoon!


Changed Queue System
We've modified the queue system to fix a couple of issues;
If you are #1 in the queue and the server you're connecting to is down, you no longer get booted off the queue and have to rejoin, it will keep automatically trying to connect you every 2 seconds.

Added Commands
We've added /hub, /lobby, /comp, /competitive and /dev commands to easily navigate between servers.
There isn't a towny command as these do not link with the queue.

Updated our server statistics software


Following the removal of the Content role, we're replacing it with Community Managers. They are not part of the Manager role. Now, these will be select members of the community that are helpful, friendly and talkative, they won't have staff permissions like Helpers, Mods etc, but are simply there to vent your frustrations, ideas and whatever else CYT.
We'll keep in close contact with our Community Managers and centralise decision making through their feedback.

Thankyou to @ChunkyChaya @DodieC @XP_PD2 for being our last Content Team members, you've been great!

What was Content?
Content were staff members that helped come up with ideas and bring them to life, this role was deprecated and there was hardly any interest left for it.

How do you become a Community Manager?
To become a Community Manager, simply, just be kind, friendly and active; we're picking 2 people early February from different timezones to cover all players.

What's the point of a Community Manager?
They're simply here for you to talk to and engage with, we'll get information from them on things you want to see changed, added or removed from a personal perspective, rather than our typical feedback forms.



We're cracking down on bugs one by one, but some are just out of our reach. We're going to do our best to help you but you need to help us to achieve that.

For Slimefun issues:
Make a thread here:
INCLUDE A VIDEO - We will dismiss Slimefun bugs without videos as we cannot report it.

For Custom Enchant issues:
Make a post here:

For other issues:
Make a thread here:
Please include as much detail as possible so we can get this resolved

For feedback:
Please contact the Community Manager once we announce who has been chosen and accepted the role.
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I strongly disagree with deleting a town after a mayor being inactive for 45 days. If a person is taking a break from the game and thinking they have 60 days to come back to their town, then we shouldn't change the rules while they are gone.

You give the reason that "this will free up tons of space for us active ones." But is this actually even a problem? Sure, the area within a thousand blocks of Spawn is super crowded with towns. But if you go beyond that, there are still vast expanses of emptiness.


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I strongly disagree with deleting a town after a mayor being inactive for 45 days. If a person is taking a break from the game and thinking they have 60 days to come back to their town, then we shouldn't change the rules while they are gone.

You give the reason that "this will free up tons of space for us active ones." But is this actually even a problem? Sure, the area within a thousand blocks of Spawn is super crowded with towns. But if you go beyond that, there are still vast expanses of emptiness.
I could agree with this, however if you wanna make a suggestion use the suggestion sub-forum :)