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Got your popcorn? Tea? Coffee? Aight then, let's get stuck in.

Removed PocketGames

This plugin tends to have a heavy load on the server when being used (if it's used)

Removed /warp Casino
Something much better will take it's place, keep reading.

Removed Vacuum V1
The plugin we used is reasonably old and was last updated for 1.11.2

Removed Armour Stand Editor
Forgot this was a thing too?

Removed Player Glows
These are far too buggy and cause many issues upon purchase. All players that bought one will be refunded with 6x Mystical Crate Keys

Removed XPBoost
Not /xpbottle, xpboost.
This was simply never used.

You can no longer claim in the Nether
This was done to allow PyroMining in the Nether without any exploitation, this will be a huge change for those with grinders and other projects, however adding an extra Nether resource world would be firstly very stressful on the machine, aswell as the economy surrounding Blaze Spawners would plummit.
All previous nether claims have been removed, refunds are not possible for land bought.

Removed AquaticsPlus
Sadly it was rarely used and was quite bad for the TPS


Added Slot Machines (/warp slots)
This has been implemented to replace the highly underused Casino.
There is currently only the 'Blue' tier (3000$ per play)
We'll collect feedback and suggestions based on this and release further Slot Machines once we're happy with the activity and usability of them.

Added Chat Auctions (/auc)
Pretty self explanatory, and yes, the AuctionHouse is staying.

Added Vacuum [v2]
Our new Vacuum will automatically unload chunks, clear entities and kill mobs when there are too many in a chunk every 300 seconds.

Halloween Event
Head to /warp Event to uncover the new Halloween Event!

Added Vacuum Timer Command & Hologram
You can now check the amount of time till an entity clear with /clearlag or the hologram placed at /spawn

Autosmelt is back!
It's been gone for over a year, but it's made it's return and it's here to stay.
For the lucky donators with it, type /as to get started with your new easy, relaxed life.
To buy it, head to <3

Re-added ExoticGarden
The plugin has been updated and is stable for 1.14.4, now bake me a cake!
You most likely will NOT find plants in the main world, nether and end due to it being generated before ExoticGardens was added. Keep reading for more information.

Added Sleep Skipper
Once 20% of players are in a bed, the night/storm will be skipped.

Added Holographic Item Drops
When you drop any items, they will be named to make it easier to identify them!

Mazes have been reset and rescrambled
Climb to the top of the leaderboards at /warp maze!

Town Bonus Plots have been reduced
Prior increase was 1.2x, lowered to 1.15x
Plot price was 200 per, now 170.

Town Upkeep has been reduced
Was 175 per plot, now 165.

Maximum Tax Percentage has been lowered
Was 25% per player, now 15%

We've updated the resource world.
There is now no fall damage
The world has been reset (after 4 months lol)
Mobs have been added back
ExoticGarden plants can be found here!

Added Halloween Mobs
You might, just maybe, like a slight chance, see mobs with a pumpkin on their head uwu


Removed Legacy from Scoreboard & Server Selection Menu


No Changes Made!
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