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AFK Collection
We've introduced (if anyone hasnt noticed by now) AFK collection once again! Meaning, if your player becomes AFK, you will be teleported to
the AFK Collection area at spawn!

Rule Change
Rule G13 (regarding what builds are not acceptable)
AFK Pools have been added to the list of unacceptable builds - any AFK-bypass contraption will also be regarded as unacceptable.

Dungeon Mall is back! (/warp mall)


Now we've had the bugs ironed out, we're happy to bring back PyroMining with one major change:
XP/Skill/Zeta can **only** be gained when in the Resource world!

Mazes have been regenerated!


The chances of Rare/Mystical envoys spawning per envoy has been decreased (to test chances) in preperation for the new list of items/permissions/tags being
added to Rare/Mystical in v7.4!

The ability to purchase flight for a specific time has been disabled due to major issues with the plugin.

Store Information
All donator rank descriptions have been updated with the correct information on: (as stated in #towny-updates)

TPS Information
The TPS is now shown on the scoreboard, on the right of your screen, to state the current TPS of the server! This can be disabled using /fb toggle (as stated in #towny-updates)


No Changes Made!


No Changes Made!