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There are now three new Augments available - check them out using /fish augments.

Mazes have been regenerated!


We've reintroduced CombatLog to the Envoy area, stopping players from just running away when in combat.

All current AH items have been forceably expired, meaning you can collect them from the /ah menu (the Rotten Potato icon when you click on the Beacon menu)
We will give players 3 days to collect all expired items from AH before we change how items are stored and the AH will be wiped!

Any items posted on the AH within the next 3 days will most likely be cleared if not bought by players prior to the wipe. We are unable to disable putting items into AH unfortunately but with this change, it should fix a variety of issues players were having with AH.


We've decided to permanently close the Legacy game mode.
This is probably not a surprise to the majority of you - we enjoyed bringing back the game mode but it quickly dwindled.
The main reason we brought back the Legacy game mode was as a substitute to the TPS-lagging Towny V7 game mode, now fixed, it's no longer needed nor used!


No Changes Made!


No Changes Made!