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Please note there is no Skyblock v2.2 as we're preparing for Version 3.
Let's get stuck in.


If you cannot connect, you need to be using 1.16.2
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XP from Paid Crates
We and some of you think purchasing Crate Keys and getting XP is not a deserving reward.

Explosive Pickaxe/Shovel from Nether World
To help preserve the nether for as long as possible, we're disabling these destructive tools in the Nether World only.


Crate Overhaul
Mango, Spark, Lightning, Rare, Common and Vote Crates have been completely revamped.
Credit: @Yiroh @iChasm

Changed Barrel Prices
We've lowered the Barrel Prices by 1/4 (3/4 of previous price)

Resource World
We've finally reset the Resource World after almost 6 months of opening Version 8!
From the next update (September), we'll be resetting the Resource World monthly with a smaller size.
Borders: 15000x15000

Rankup - Job Requirements
We've lowered the Job Requirements for ranking up by 1/4 (3/4 of previous level)

1.16.2 Nether
New Nether Time!
Claiming is enabled.
Borders: 25000x25000

End World
We've resized the End World to fit the rest of the claimable worlds.
This allows for even more Shulkers, Dragon Heads and exploring!
Borders: 25000x25000 (Previously 16000x16000)


For you Slimefun Fanatics, more content!
Get stuck in with /sf guide

Watch the world from a birds eye view!
Check it out:

Added Raid/New Nether Mobs to Hunter
You can now earn money from the Raid Update and Nether Update mobs in the Hunter Job!

Shady Mage
We've added a new method to trade tokens!
16 Emeralds -> 1 Token
2304 Emeralds -> 144 Tokens

Token Sell Wand
We've added a Sell Wand!
You right-click a chest full of Rotten Flesh, Spider Eyes or Emeralds and it'll automatically convert them into tokens for you!
They have limited uses and are purchased with Cash. Bank money will not work, please withdraw it first.
Purchase them with /shop

Upgradeable Chests
With popular request, you can store tons of items in here!
These are purchased with Cash. Bank money will not work, please withdraw it first.
Purchase them with /shop

Updated Slimefun
We genuinely don't know if there's anything new in it, but maybe, we'll see!

Background building is /pww towerofwisdom by @Will_Of_Wisdom