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Please note there is no Skyblock v2.2 as we're preparing for Version 1.
Let's get stuck in.


Easter Event
Congratulations to those that got all of the Easter Eggs, the free Easter Crate key and the winner of the "Name the most Chickens "chick" event!"
The winner of the "Name the most Chickens "chick" event!" was Proxyence with 476 chicks!
The Easter Crate will remain until the 30th April.
Click here to purchase!

Quick Shop
We know this is partially a downgrade, but due to a severe economic glitch we had to revert to the predecessor ChestShop.
To make shops, check out the tutorial at /warp Tutorial (near the portal)

Auction House
Due to performance issues, we had to ditch our Auction House plugin and change to a custom variant.
More information below.

/warp Mall
This has been getting less and less attention as time went on, and that's mainly due to the rise of interest in Player Warps. If you had a stall here, we can return your items. Please make a support ticket in our discord.

Brewery has not been removed as a result of the Deciding Poll.


Lucky Blocks
Lucky Blocks are now tiered with the Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary tiers!
This does mean the previous lucky blocks are now invalid and will not work.
Fixed issue with being able to obtain via regions you do not have permission to build in.
(Credit: @Frosty @Andrewfrigon)

Fixed issue with /bank deposit all.
(Credit: @Oribuin)

Fixed PyroFishing biomes being incorrectly set.
(Credit: @_ItzAmy_)

Fixed Vacuum saying 'Checking..', now runs instantly.
Mob cap is no longer specific to specific mobs, up to 20 for all (per chunk).
(Credit: @lukemango)

Enchanter, Weaponsmith, Brewer and Diggers cash increase per level has been buffed.
The Jobs Cash cap has been changed to $15,000 per 6 hour interval (was $30,000 per 12 hour interval).
(Credit: @lukemango)

The Vendor
You can now upgrade Artifacts at The Vendor.
You can now purchase Decrypting Runes at The Vendor.
You can now purchase mcMMO Credits at The Vendor.
(Credit: @Andrewfrigon)

Redstone Restrictions
You can now have 4 pulses per second (was 1 pulse per second)
(Credit: @lukemango)

Slimefuns tick-rate has been slightly decreased. (This means it will run slightly faster)
(Credit: @lukemango)

Custom Mobs
Necromancers are no longer farmable.
Most mobs now do raw damage, ignoring armor. (low amounts)
(Credit: @pentlock)

First Place cash reward has been decreased to $2500 (was $3500).
Second Place cash reward has been decreased to $1750 (was $2000).
Third Place cash reward has not changed.
These rewards now match PyroFishing Tournaments.
(Credit: @lukemango)

First Place cash reward has been increased to $2500 (was $1500) and a Rare Crate Key will also be given.
Second Place cash reward has been increased to $1750 (was $1000) and 2 Uncommon Crate Keys will also be given.
Third Place cash reward has been increased to $1000 (was $750) and an Uncommon Crate Key will also be given.
Participating cash reward of $150 has been removed to increase competition.
These rewards now match /tournaments.
(Credit: @lukemango)

Artifacts level chances have been increased.
It was previously 0.22% (1/450) to get a level 4 artifact.
It's now 1.5385% (1/65).
(Credit: @lukemango)

Mob Arena
Higher rounds have more mobs and harder mobs
Higher rounds give more money, every round is $50, but every round 10 for example has extra cash Changed all the mob spawns and balanced them
More mobs will also spawn depending on how many players are now in the mob are
Added new Pyro class (more soon)
(Credit: @brad)


Towny Theme Tune
You may notice at spawn, a beautiful new soundtrack.
That is the official CraftYourTown Towny theme tune.
For those who want to listen:
(Credit: Jackyl for composing this for us!)

New Custom Mob
Fred (similar to Cassius, the Giant) has joined the server!
He's Cassius' cousin and is ready to fight.
He spawns in the wild.
(Credit: @pentlock)

The Demon Tower - Warning
The Demon Tower has been added!
What is it exactly? We made a wiki page especially for this as it will be a really important feature.
Type /tower to join!
Warning: This is aimed at end-game players and newer players will heavily struggle.
Click here for the Wiki page.
(Credit: @pentlock for coding and mobs, @StormBolio for build)

Artisan Crate
The Artisan Crate links directly into The Demon Tower.
The main rewards from this are cash, tags and custom armour attributes.
Obtained by killing mobs in The Demon Tower.
Check it out at /warp Crates! (Punch to view rewards)
(Credit: @pentlock for coding, @lukemango for crate functionality, @Pinkjemm for item textures)

New Custom Enchantments - Delayed
We've added 20 whole new Custom Enchantments!
Check them out on the Wiki! The new ones are at the bottom of the page.
Click here for the Wiki page.
Delayed: These will be released later this week.
(Credit: @Britton B)

Chest Shop
Chest Shops have returned, only quite different.
Check the Tutorial out at /warp Tutorial (near the portal at the back!)
(Credit: @lukemango)

Chest Shop Notifier
You can now see a log of all your transactions (purchases and sales) in the last 30 days from Chest Shops!
Do /csn history to see!
(Credit: @lukemango)

Auction House
As we had issues with the previous Auction House causing the TPS to drop to 0.45 randomly, we got a custom variant made!
This will work very similarly to the predecessor, the only difference being that you type the /ah sell command again to confirm you want to sell it.
(Credit: @Oribuin)

Item Worth - Edit
Confused on how much to sell items for? Not a problem.
We've secretly been tracking up to the last 100 sales for all items (Auction House & Chest Shop) over the last month so you can use this information going forward to better compete.
See what the item you're holding is worth by doing /iworth
You can do /iworth with an empty hand, and use the sign that pops up as a search bar!
You can also do /iworth with an empty hand and just click 'Done' without typing in the sign to view all items sold.
We also made a Wiki page for this for you to refer to in the future.
Click here for the Wiki page.
Notice: Due to us changing Chest Shop and Auction House plugins last minute, tracking is currently disabled whilst we update this to work with the replacements.
Edit: This has been rolled out and is working properly.

(Credit: @Frosty)
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