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  1. Jpsh

    Add the /Block command to Skyblock.

    I think a great addition to the game would be /block, condensing 9 ores into 1 block, it would be a great time-saver, but isn't pay2win so it could even be put into Skylar, or any other rank to make it even more worth it. I don't see any downsides to it being on the server, it doesn't have any...
  2. Jpsh

    Rule Suggestion | Statute Of Limitations

    A week or so ago a couple of reports came in of stuff people did over a year ago, which is insane, the fact someone can be reported for doing something over a year ago or longer is just wrong, I'd like for there to be a statute of limitations of 6 or 12 months, or even longer if staff deem it...
  3. Jpsh

    Suggestion for a small addition to the Stocks plugin

    As you all love your Stocks & earning money, doing /stocks is getting a little old, I think we need the command /stonks as to check on our major stonks pretty good idea imo not biased completely biased,
  4. Jpsh

    XPBottle command limit raised.

    In the XPBottle plugin the limit for how much XP you can put in one bottle is 250,000, For some people that is more than enough, for others they are there for 5-10 minutes spamming /xpbottle 250000 due to their abundance of xp.
  5. Jpsh

    Make Accepted & Denied staff applications visable,

    The title of the post really shows what I am suggesting, I don't see what harm it would do as it would show that the current staff put in the effort to apply with a good application and it would also show people who get denied or wish to apply what a good application is! and to make sure people...
  6. Jpsh

    Change Mod Rank name

    Simply change Moderator to Mod, or change Admin to Administrator, it just makes chat less spammy by having fewer characters, and it looks cleaner
  7. Jpsh

    Slimefun Knowledge Sharing

    I know for v6 you wanted it "to be hard" but, having to grind 4484 levels for SlimeFun [as of this posting] but it is obscene how long it takes when a new player joins for the first time and learns what SlimeFun is, the scale of how fun it is depends on what they want to do, and the requirement...
  8. Jpsh

    Towny Tax

    I'm not here to go "lower taxes lol", I am here to help people who have joined and don't know much about towny, I have seen a lot of towns be created one day, and the next fall as the mayor does not know that they have to put in taxes. I think a good fix for this would be, towns have a immunity...
  9. Jpsh

    Bring back lobby chat

    It is now disabled in /server lobby, which makes communication bad when the server crashes and is down, and doesn't allow people to communicate when in the lobby, as when towny was down a week or so ago people had fun playing KOTH on the ladders, that is now no longer possible as it mainly...