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  1. TheMusicMan250

    You can get banned on the server for no reason.

    What are the comments to this post omg haha
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    Kiko, you've said this several times. Reboots do not break the server, they help by refreshing server RAM. It also clears out unused chunks, data, and entities. It is encouraged by 99% of server hosts, and operators. I'm sorry, but unless you can come up with valid facts and research, you won't...
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    Meet Chasm

    he hehehe
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    Looking for royal peasents:

    What if one... Wishes to be evil. What do we do then?
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    Meet Chasm

    Hi Chasm, I would like to let you know. The hive sucks, and you are bad at DeathRuns =D Enjoy!
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    omggggg you're such a cutieeeeee <3 Have fun at Uni! <3

    omggggg you're such a cutieeeeee <3 Have fun at Uni! <3
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    Henlo! I am Music! <3

    Why am I just now seeing dis? Can no have doggo sorry she is my beautiful baby. However if you want unsolicited pictures of her you can add me on discord ;) I am sucked for sending people pics of my doggo(s)! just as bear ;) xD
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    Top Voters - February

    GG Guys! <3
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    Luke please unban me

    Hey bud! There is a specific section for punishment appeals! Make sure to follow the format =D I'm sure the staff will respond as soon as they can! <3
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    Happy Birthday Bear!!!!!!!!❤️❤️

    Hey Bear, Hope this gets to you well, I just wanted to wish you the best birthday EVER. I hope it is THE BEST DOOOD! I sincerely hope you have the best day ever cutie😘
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    How does a bankrupt town work?

    Ahhhh I was misinformed! My apologies =)
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    How does a bankrupt town work?

    If a town falls, (Goes entirely bankrupt) it looses all protection! All it's claims disappear and it is open to raiding! It will be announced in chat, once a town falls! After that when the town falls anything can happen! /shrug
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    Henlo! I am Music! <3

    Nice to meet you! <3 I am new to the server, I am really enjoying everything so far! I am 18 years old, I (obviously) am obsessed with minecraft! Some of my obsession outside of Minecraft are Music (Again obviously) playing, and listening! I have a 4 year old pitbull her name is Dixie! Pictured...
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    The bank

    Luke said something about it being re-enabled sometime during V9.3? So I would wait to see about it until then! <3