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  1. Artisey

    Wow! A fourth suggestion!

    god these titles, Anyways. I think we should have a different event other then the Supply Drops, I think maybe a non-pvp event, A parkour event maybe. And the winner gets some free stuff or something like that, Not many go to the Supply Drops anymore because of the PvP Sweats. I think a non-pvp...
  2. Artisey

    Wow! A third suggestion

    I think it would be nice to have a trading GUI and trading plugin. Because then when not using chest shop its easier to not get scammed when your trading, lets say 64 dirt for 72 cobble & 32 andesite. And it can also have something where you can give money in it aswell . It would make it less...
  3. Artisey

    Oh! Its me

    Hello everyone! My alias is Artisey but im usually called Art. I play Skyblock on the server, i have a crappy laptop so the large cities in Towny are too laggy. I like talking about video games and helping others get started (even though im new, but far advanced already) I have medium brain lol...
  4. Artisey

    Wow! Another suggestion

    Wow look! Another suggestion. Seeing as nobody really talks about joining islands in chat maybe there should be a forum category in Skyblock where you can find people / ask to join islands. For example "Hello! My team is looking for another player, Our island level is 62 and we have a mob...
  5. Artisey

    Buycraft Shop Suggestion

    A suggestion I just thought of was in the Buycraft Store have a thing you could buy that would give everyone online some sort of crate key. Basically a /key all