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  1. 69in

    CraftYourTown the newest trading card game!

    I finally found the greatest plugin to ever exist on spigot. A fully customizable trading card collecting plugin! Spigot link: Cards are dropped from mobs by chance and when a card drops it can range from any different rarity (also...
  2. 69in

    Is Upgrades

    There should be a thing to spend in-game money to upgrade your island through upgrades such as hopper limit, mob limit, crop speed, spawner speed, etc. Each upgrade could be in 3 tiers increasing in price each tier.
  3. 69in

    Faster Furnaces/Hoppers

    If possible, I would like to suggest to double the speed on both furnaces and hoppers. Reason being that if you mine a lot it takes forever to smelt all your ores into ingots and by the time your mining storage is full again, the furnaces are still not done smelting your items (We are using...
  4. 69in

    Something to spend EXP on

    For this suggestion you should be able to buy enchant keys using experience. Other rewards could include sponge, diamond and emerald blocks, vote keys or possibly sky keys, etc. Currently, experience has no use on skyblock so I thought this would be a good suggestion to add since the content...
  5. 69in

    Player vs. Player - Content

    Hey guys, 69in here or otherwise known as Justin. I am an extremely late-game player on the server who finds it very boring to play most days so I normally just AFK or AFK... you get it. Anyway, recently they removed one of the features I use to do for fun because it was something that...
  6. 69in

    Revert Reacts v2

    I am recreating this thread, hopefully it lasts longer than 50 minutes so that the owners can actually hear the community's opinion. Change the current react system where you have to hover over the thing in chat to see the word back to the old system where the word appeared in chat. The old...
  7. 69in

    I Think it is Time to...

    This suggestion may be a bit bias, however, I believe it's time to remove pvp toggle once and for all. Weeks ago this was put in place to allow people time to gear up so that they would not die. I believe this is no longer needed for general minecraft gameplay. I would still recommend leaving...
  8. 69in

    React Rewards

    With the removal of react crate keys, winning reacts right now give you NOTHING besides some xp. I think now that react keys are gone we should make it so every time you win a react you get like $50 or $100. That little money is better than the current react rewards which is maybe 100 vanilla exp.
  9. 69in

    Bank is NOT a worthy investment

    With bank being released in version 8.1 I was very excited, but, to my dismay, at max tier bank you only gain 1.2k per day in interest. However, it takes over 2,000,000 dollars to get there. What this means is it takes over 2000 days to return what you invested. This doesn't even include any...
  10. 69in

    Job Revamp

    I would like to suggest a total job revamp, recently a few jobs were nerfed (some announced and some unannounced) and frankly jobs became terrible overnight. I think now that there is a decent idea of where the economy lies this version, there should be a total job revamp for all jobs so that...
  11. 69in

    Change Player Reports

    I would like to suggest changing the way player reports are handled, I recently reported a player (I won't name any names for their sake) and they did not get punished because they were allowed to counter-argue my report. I wish to remove this because if they can counter-argue your report then...
  12. 69in

    Lower Timer on Items in Auction House

    The title says it all basically. When items are listed on the auction house they last 7 days. In my opinion the auction house is FLOODED with items. A solution to this could be that the duration of how long the item is on ah for be lowered from 7 days to 2 days.
  13. 69in

    /ranks Suggestions

    A lot of people have been complaining about ranks not being worth ranking up to. This could be fixed in 1 of 2 ways. 1. Lower the prices of ranks to more reasonable values. 2. Increase the number of perks you are actually getting from ranking up and maybe lowering some of the current perks. If...
  14. 69in


    Oh boy am I happy to make this thread since I always want events. To please the almighty management team I have came up with an easy, new event they can set up. Basically the game involves simple minecraft mechanics that are often overlooked as most people would never need it for its function...
  15. 69in

    Death Chests

    So I am probably going to get a lot of hate for this suggestion but here goes nothing (inspired by lukemango) Get this, we make it so that when you die the killer can open your chest immediately Absurd I know but at least hear me out. If this change were to open it would be less toxic because...
  16. 69in

    Parkour/Maze Changes

    Before the parkour was revamped the cooldowns were set to 15h, I suggest that the new ones also be made 15h or 18h as you'd have to wait exactly 24 hours to redo it. In addition to this the mazes also should have different cooldowns like they had before it was revamped.
  17. 69in

    Lets make the biggest thread

    Self-explanatory really, comment anything you want in this thread and let us try to make this the longest thread.
  18. 69in

    Re-add Slimefun Slime Armor

    This is not entirely necessary of an idea, I just though it would be cool to bring back. The armor gives some status effects, some that could be useful. That's about it really.