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    /is team explanation guide

    It does help a little, thanks.
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    /is team explanation guide

    The guides are helpful, thank you. I'd like to see one for team/co-op management. An example of the things I'd like to see explained are that if you invite someone to your island, they no longer have an island. Does co-op do this as well? How do you invite someone in at a specific role...
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    V 2.1

    One of my suggestions was to be implemented in V 2.1 What/when is v 2.1? Is there a forum thread or announcement somewhere I should be watching? Thanks.
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    sponges in the explore shop

    They're really hard to find. When I do find them, it would be great to be able to have a chance at harvesting them. I'm not saying they should go into the other sea blocks area (but maybe they should). Even if they were separate, at least the opportunity would be there.
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    Add red sand to the sand list in explore shop

    I would love the ability to mine red sand or otherwise get it in bulk somehow. It makes sense to me to add it to the list of things that you're buying when you buy sand. I also think sandstone should be on there, but one thing at a time.
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    Wow! A third suggestion

    I've heard people getting scammed on the server recently. If I was afraid of getting scammed with the existing setup, I'd maybe set up a chest for that one specific trade, then get rid of it when it was done. That might be another option.
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    Wow! A fourth suggestion!

    I was going to add this suggestion as well, so yay! I'm horrid at parkour though. And I loved the scavenger hunt aspect of the supply drop event. I'd even be willing to build a larger event area for something like that (to make it harder).