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    change the 'locked-chest rule'

    It might make more sense to bring back the mod+ unlock for plot clearing, but keep the keys for wilderness plots and fallen town raids.
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    Remove Pug Pet

    No U
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    Balancing gear

    As I said before, its a start for players. Hopefully the staff will be able to get them updated.
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    Balancing gear

    I think the problem that you are experiencing is due to the dungeons being shut down. Its a common misconception that Tier V armor is the strongest on the server. This is NOT true at all. Tiered armor was intended to be a starting point for players in the dungeons. However, at levels 25+ the...
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    You might want an alignment

    Please fix
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    Disable Soulbound from SF

    this is honestly just to keep my profile alternating in teh towny section.
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    This would be a quality feature
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    Berry Important

    Please reduce the Cool-down for /me commands Thank you for coming to me TedTalk
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    Is this excessive?

    I cannot, its too beautiful for human eyes to see.
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    Meet Deathcat

    +1 friendly to others -1 Doesnt write much of a bio
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    Build section on forums

    +1 Also think this would be a good idea
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    Is this excessive?

    rookie numbers
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    Lower application age requirement

    +1 to raise minimum age requirement. The majority of the 'obnoxious' staff behaviour stems from the younger helpers. (more notably in past helpers).