What 2020 holds for CYT

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Well, it's nearing the end of a decade, it's time to start thinking about the future.

**Queue the uplifting music**

But first, let's remember some important factors.
Well, here at CraftYourTown, we've been making content for you to enjoy for nearly 3 years. And to think this all started from me being slightly bored, that's impressive.
I'd just like to start by thanking each and every one of you for sticking by us through the rough patches and tough times we've had, undoubtedly theres been alot of them, from failed gamemodes (cough legacy) to the server losing players and what not, it's been tough. But, well, from my eyes atleast, we've always pulled through, and that's because of the community that we're so lucky to have. You might piss me off sometimes, but deep down I love you all. That's a true family.

We've had our good and bad times, but let's focus on the good for a minute.
Back in April of 2017, when CraftYourTown was first released, the server grew faster than any other server i've ever owned, and i've been running them since 2013. I knew CraftYourTown was something special and haven't given up on it. And to say for the first few weeks, we didn't even have the Towny plugin installed, what was I thinking... I'll be honest, I hadn't actually played Towny before I made CraftYourTown so, this was all new to me and I wouldn't ever go back. Ever.
Anyone remember the first time we hit 20 players? I doubt anyone here still does, but if you do, hats off to you! We had a drop party in our old spawn, good times had by all.
Everyday here on CraftYourTown is different, no day is ever quite like the one before it, it's impressive what we've achieved as a community.

Now, i'm not afraid to admit, we've made some mistakes, namely allowing Jpsh back (maybe? just kidding haha?) but for real, we've messed up a good few times but our community wasn't afraid to tell us, and that's made us better at giving the community what they want to see. Thankyou for your feedback and criticisms, seriously. However this year, so much progress has been made, from on our discord, hitting 1 thousand members to launching our new forums, store and much more. This wouldn't have been possible without you.

But, we're not going to stop there.
2020 will be a big year for us, we've got some serious things planned that we think you're all going to love and enjoy. Blood, sweat and tears have been put into what's coming next year so, stay tuned! The purchases on our store that have been made this year are all being put back into the server to make this more enjoyable for you, this is our ultimate goal that we will never be satisfied with and stop. We'll keep striving to make it better. If a server owner is satisfied with their server, they aren't doing enough, it's as simple as that.
We're always looking to make the server better for the community, and without a community like the one we're so lucky to have, personally I don't think we would've lasted 6 months, so thankyou for nearly 3 years, seriously, it's been so fun and I don't plan to stop anytime soon.
We hope that you're as excited as us for what's to come in the new year, and we'll see you on the server.
We are not stopping anytime soon, we have so much more to offer the Minecraft community as a whole, and we can't wait.


As a personal note from me, this server has changed me as a person, completely. I've become more aware of situations and a better person, and this is because the community that we have is so honest and supportive and I love you all.
Below are some names that I'd like to thank for their continued support on CYT, even if they no longer play, they played their role in making it is what is today.
In no particular order: (I'm sorry if I forgot anyone, these are the people that stood out to me)
Trokie111 - Jpsh - Isari_Chan - jowdod - atticvip - pentlock - Sanne_Chan - lastfatwookie - redwatch - eGirlTyler - ChunkyChaya - FreakingFear - Hazbo_56 - Phoenix__K - VersionOmega - Chacknee - DC_FLASH - eGirlDillon - DodieC - Knapp_Time - sparkcloud - KayJayz - GeneralCinny - 69in - Yiroh - RileyDean - Ufinexa - PyroTempus - Arein - Tinkererr(MethodNotAllowed) - XP_PD and last but not least, SkyNinjah.

Even after CraftYourTown closes (I hope it doesn't) I will never forget about CraftYourTown and the community surrounding it and I hope CraftYourTown will be a server that you remember for years to come, even if you no longer play.

Thankyou for (almost) 3 incredible years, and we'll see you on the server soon! <3
- Luke
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