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Congratulations to @Fear and @Jpsh on completing the ARG, you'll both be rewarded with a random tiered item upon launch of Version 9.

Hello everyone,
Version 8 was most definitely something to remember, something very positive. We first hit the 100 concurrent players milestone during Version 8. We had CYT's 3rd Birthday and celebrated it with ~95 of us, took some pictures together. We had @brad join us, the longest serving Co-Owner we've had. We had the first version where @Jpsh didn't get banned, sorry I had to bring that up. We had SkyCraftia join us, that was fun. But, all good things must come to an end.


It's time for Version 9.
We've been hard at work for a while working on making Version 9 something special, something unique. We have a ton of new content coming with Version 9 which will definitely make it's way into the teasers, keep an eye out on #announcements.

Why are we resetting for Version 9?
We've become increasingly aware that the community is after change, big change. Content Updates can only do so much, and we tried with Version 8.3 and Version 8.4 to reignite the server, and the communities love for it. This only did so much. We've had ideas for a while of huge new features we wanted to implement that would "change the game", but really, they were only viable with a reset due to the way Version 8 was laid out.

What are we doing differently this time around?
Firstly, we'll start with the features and the economy. We've designed all of the features for Version 9 with the intent for growth, there are zero, yes 0, physical or technical barriers stopping us from growing our current features that we're starting with. The main challenge will be economy maintaining and we're most definitely keeping things more simplified this time around, at least to start with, this gives us fewer areas of concern and we can much more quickly pin point where the flaws and unbalanced areas are. This being said though, we're not going to change things drastically that it creates some sort of exploiter-gap, for example, if a crate gave out too much cash, and I had $50,000, we fixed that, and the new player only gets $10,000 from the same crate, that's unfair, regardless of whether or not it was an issue, we're aware of situations like this that happened during Version 8, and we're going to make sure if the economy rises, we'll slowly inflate our prices to match it, not try and squeeze it back down.

Secondly, being away from keyboard and alting. We'll put this simply, AFK'ing and alting are not allowed on Version 9, why? There's been too much inflation and progress made by doing nothing on Version 8, and whilst that might benefit you personally, the server took a huge hit from that and we need to prioritise the server over individual gain.

Finally, I think Version 8 was the most beneficial of all versions we've done so far for all of us here, we've learnt so much more than we had going into previous versions and although the goal wasn't reached with Version 8, atleast we have a deep understanding of where we went wrong.

All of us here sincerely hope you'll join us in Version 9,
Thank you,
Luke, Brad & Team.


I recently bought crate keys, what about those?

All personal crate keys (not server-wide) bought within 1st October-1st November will be resent.

Will my donator perks carry over?
Yes. You will not lose any of your purchased perks.

Will my tags carry over that I won in-game?

What does the reset include?
Balance, worlds, mcMMO, PlayerVaults, basically a full wipe.

Can you upload the previous world for us?
There will be a download link released during downtime of Version 8-Version 9.