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May Town of the Month

We're doing things a bit differently this month, we're allowing the community to vote!
The winner of Town of the Month will have a screenshot of their town posted at spawn, along will a special TOTM tag.

Towns that have won in the past 2 months are not eligible to win, but are still welcome to apply.

Applying is simple, reply to this thread with your application following the format below. We ask that you limit to 1 application per town as multiple applications are redundant. Any extra applications will be removed. Applying for Town of the Month is not limited to the mayor. Anyone can apply.

Also, We encourage that if you apply to make your towns public to allow others to check out your town

Mayor's Name:
Town name:
Short summary of your town:
Screenshots of town:

On May 31st at Midnight BST voting will be open to the public via. Discord. Voting will be posted in #announcements on Discord and the winner will be chosen in 24 hours.

Votes should be based on aesthetic/theme and effort put into the town.
Since town of the month is a community effort, we also encourage that you don't vote for your own town to reduce bias and give others a fair chance.

We wish you the best of luck!
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Mayor's Name: Kuyuts
Town name: Bread
Short summary of your town: Bread has become a brand new town, now expanding in a beautiful plains biome right off the ocean. Although we are currently a smaller town were are growing by the day. Bread follows the aesthetic of a cozy, medieval town and is striving towards being a welcoming town to new members of the CYT community.
Screenshots of town: