Top Voters - May


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Hello everyone! Today we're announcing the Top Voters for May on CYT, whilst announcing what's changing for May's Top Voters rewards.

Please note the vote count for June has started (8 days ago, oops)! Vote daily for a chance to be #1.
Some sites are 24 hours whilst others are 12 hour delays.
Best of luck!

Top Voters
Thanks to everyone who voted in the last month, here are our top 3:
#1 shawn678 - 277 votes - 15$ CYT Store Voucher +10$ PayPal
#2 FreakingFear - 274 votes - 10$ CYT Store Voucher + 5$ PayPal
#3 AlexLander123- 264 votes - 5$ CYT Store Voucher
Please contact me via the forums or discord lukemango#5552
Vouchers and their remainders cannot be transferred to other players.

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