Top Voters - June


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Hello everyone! Today we're announcing the Top Voters for June on CYT, whilst announcing what's changing for May's Top Voters rewards.

Vote daily for a chance to be #1.
Some sites are 24 hours whilst others are 12 hour delays.
Best of luck!

Top Voters
Thanks to everyone who voted in the last month, here are our top 3:
#1 ElliePuff - 266 votes - 15$ CYT Store Voucher +10$ PayPal
#2 FreakingFear - 264 votes - 10$ CYT Store Voucher + 5$ PayPal
#3 shawn678 - 253 votes - 5$ CYT Store Voucher
Please contact me via the forums or discord lukemango#5552
Vouchers and their remainders cannot be transferred to other players.

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