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Hello everyone!
This is going to be quite long and in depth, so we recommend a coffee and cookies for this one.

First of all, Welcome the SkyCraftia Community to the CraftYourTown Forums!
So, let's get stuck in. CraftYourTown has recently (last night) acquired SkyCraftia and we're happy to announce that it will be joining the CraftYourTown network. Now some of you from SkyCraftia/CraftYourTown might be thinking "what?", basically, as of right now, the server will be as it was under MamaBeau just under the CraftYourTown proxy. Over time we'll be adding the CYT Touch to it and making it feel as though it perfectly and seamlessly belongs here. We will be changing the name from SkyCraftia to just SkyBlock at some point, but this doesn't have a planned date as of yet.

I'd like to mention that we have really good intentions and plans for SkyCraftia, Skyblock has been on our bucket list for a long time and this is honestly the best way to make it a reality. We'll be adding SkyCraftia to the monthly content updates and trying to balance out the amount of content so each server gets the same amount.

To any players from SkyCraftia, we hope you join us moving forward and we genuinely cannot wait to see the kind of things we're going to create together in the near future.

Some things to note for the SkyCraftia Community moving over
Monthly Content Updates are on the 25th of each month.
Please read our rules here, obviously Towny Rules don't apply on SkyCraftia but the rest do.
Please use #support for any questions .
Updates will be posted in the #skycraftia-updates channel in our discord.
Turn notifications on (to get pings) in #notifications.

Please move to the CraftYourTown Discord (Click here)
We will be removing the SkyCraftia Discord when we deem necessary.

Why are we merging?
We feel it's best for both sides of the server, the whole network as a whole gets a boost from this, and we get to meet new friends and members of the community!

Will the SkyCraftia IP work?
Yes, the SkyCraftia IP will redirect to CraftYourTown and you'll be able to connect through our proxy.

Who will run SkyCraftia?
The CraftYourTown team will run, update and maintain SkyCraftia.
@brad will have more information on this.

What about our donator perks on SkyCraftia?
Don't worry! You'll keep all your perks.

Will we keep our progress?
No progress is not being reset or wiped.
We'll continue to add on to the server as times goes by to keep things fresh and avoid resets as much as possible.

Where do we buy perks?
We'll be updating the CraftYourTown store sometime in the next 24 hours with the SkyCraftia perks, modifications may need to be made to suit our style.

To SkyCraftia Staff
We'll be offering you (admin and below) to keep the same role you had under MamaBeau, but if you don't wish to continue as staff under the merger then that's fine with us.

To CraftYourTown Staff
As of right now, we're keeping the teams seperate but this is subject to change once settled in and we've gotten used to how SkyCraftia operates.

The time for re-open has yet to be decided, please check in #skycraftia-updates for more information!

Any questions? Please reply with them and we'll answer as best we can!


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A bunch of things to say to this...

1. OOF... now I have to buy stuff for SkyCraftia... (top donor rank/perks, keys for all, etc to balance things out with what I bought for CYT)
2. So... name change will be to SkyBlock and NOT CraftYourSky? xD
3. Wait... Sky whatever it's called will avoid resetting as much as possible? Is that technically better than Towny??? xD

4. Edit: Hold on... SkyCraftia sounds extremely familiar... I may have been on this server before....