Sav1994 racist

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Your Username:SkiChamp4

Defendants Username:Sav1994


Date and time of occurance:

What happened? He said the N-word in chat I found that offensive that you unbanned him and support such derogatory racial language. As people get banned for minor things like grieving where as racial slurs get accepted.
So I was just wondering if such a little thing as Racism is acceptable on this server.

Anything else we should know?


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Hi, Racism is definitely not accepted on the server.
Rule [C7]

No racism, misogyny or any other comments that target a group of people (religions/groups) CYT doesn’t condone any of this targeting behaviour or racial slurs that may offend other players, this also includes using words purposely trying to bypass this rule, if you’re saying it with the intent of getting around the rule don’t be surprised when your punished.

This includes but is not limited to:
  • Racial slurs
  • Substitution of characters to try to evade the rule (Example: Using * or any other character)
  • Shaming other religious beliefs or subgroups
(Note: This includes items that are placed in the world i.e. placed in an item frame or stated in chat either via the {item} ability or a named item in the AuctionHouse.)

Spoiler: C7 Punishment
1st Offence = (6-hour server mute + Chat clear)
2nd Offence = (24-hour server mute + Chat clear)
3rd Offence = (1-day ban)
4th Offence = (30 day ban + Permanent server mute + Chat clear)
The player was muted for the 1st offence and if it happens again there will be more strict punishments.
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