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Currently the reporting system for staff and players is shit. Can't sugar coat it.

The player ones being public causes drama and hassle which no one wants, I can see the benefit of others being able to add to the posts but it can also just get a bit nasty and name calling. Having them private until there is an appeal from staff for more information could be a way around this? Would also be able to protect the player filing the reports identity this way.

The google form for staff reports I feel like no one checks. I have made reports and then directly contacted members of management about them and they haven't had a clue what I was going on about because they haven't check them even days after me filing the report and it's just not good enough.

If someone files a report against a player or staff they should, regardless of what the outcome of the report is, receive some timely acknowledgement of it and updates as it progresses. Small things to improve the transparency and show that you care about the players (even if you don't you can be decent enough to fake it) will just make CYT a little nicer.

The forums could be good but rn I feel they aren't maintained well enough and are basically a place for people to appeal their bans.