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Player Warps
This tutorial will teach you how to make a player warp

You will need:
$20000 Cash
A place to set the warp

Important Information
This plugin is different to the previous, here's how.
Your warp will need to be renewed every 7 days. This costs $500. You have a 30 day grace period before it's deleted and you have to pay the initial cost again.

Let's begin.
Step 1.
Stand where you want the players to warp to, and then type /pw create <name> <display name>
The Name (not Display Name) of your warp is what will identify it when you want to edit it.

Step 2.
To customise your warp, you can do:
/pw edit <name> displayname <display name> - This will set the warp display name in /pwarps
/pw edit location <name> - Change warp location
/pw edit price <name> <amount> - Max 300$ - Set cost to warp to warp
/pw edit lore <name> <line (1-4)> <text> - Change lore of warp
/pw delete <name> - This will delete your warp.
/pw renew - Renews warp

Step 3.
Your warp is ready to go!
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