Need Money?


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MONEY - The green stuff. (v8.4 updated)

Makes the server spew items at you for it. The in-game currency that everyone needs
but nobody wants to actual get because eco is harsh!

To make QUICK money, there are a few methods!
First: do the parkour at /warp parkour. [Easy money]
Second: Vote! [Most money]
Third: Reacts in chat. [Not the most money]
Fourth: JOBS! Break blocks, bank bucks.
Fifth: Mob Arena. (MCMMO helps increase efficiency)
Lastly: Do the quests (Only recommended if you have free time)

To make money when all the top options are gone, here are a few methods!
First: Get yourself into slimefun. [Frustrating but can dictate the economy late-game]
Second: Fishing! They are hourly fishing tournaments that do bring in a good amount of money if you just participate, winning gets more. Pyrofishing gives a good source of entropy (needed for fishing custom enchants) and money!
Lastly: Sell items to other players, someone is always asking for something in chat!

Hope this helped you make some GREEN on Craft Your Town. Thanks for playing. :cyt:
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