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Hello everyone!
I'm posting this to simply clear up the mess that's been surrounding CYT and lay out some stepping stones for the future.

First off, I want to mention that the bugs that are being found are being looked into, they aren't being ignored, they just may take us some time to pin point. We've only got one java developer on our team at the moment, and the rest of us are just a group of young adults/teens trying to run a server as best we can. We're obviously not too happy with how v8.1 went down (bug wise) but we're taking that as a lesson to how to release things in the future.

Next, we will no longer be doing the Content Updates as we have been for the past year (and a bit). We'll simply have a roadmap (possibly public, have yet to decide) and work on the things with the highest priority and get those out and tested when they're ready, rather than working on 10-15 different features at a time. This does mean that new content will be released more often, but there will not be 50 features at once, one at a time! This is not only easier for us, but better for you as we get time to test and fine tune the plugin to CYT's communities liking and desires. Please note that for a couple of weeks (from v8.1's release) there may not be any new additions as everything we were working on was pushed out in v8.1. We're just getting started on what's next to come and we're excited to see what comes from it.

To the current applicants, we're currently favouring EU timezones to fill the gaps throughout the day, but that doesn't mean you're denied, simply on-hold until a slot opens up and we can judge your application.

I'd like to mention from a personal level, a special thanks to the entire team for their contributions and hard work so far, especially @Emo_Hobo for spending countless hours working on quests. Getting 8.1 out and fixing the bugs that came with it has been extremely stressful to deal with and I can only presume the rest of the team feel that too. I want to assure the entire community that we have no plans to stop producing content anytime soon and are looking to make sure that any future releases as as smooth and streamlined as possible, with zero (yes, zero) downtime. Most things will need a reboot or if we're lucky, we can load it live.

Thanks for everything so far, and we're excited to see what's to come.
Please feel free to voice your concerns in the replies and I'll get back to you.

Appreciate every single one of you,