Items disappearing from inventory (Armor slot)/Entropy crafting bug

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Username: shawn678

Date found: 18/6/2020

Description of issue or what happened:
So basically I was crafting a Precision Cutting augment, I threw all the ingredients needed for 1 augment and punched the cauldron multiple times accidentally, It crafted 2 of the augments, costing double the entropy, but only ingredients needed for 1 of it. I notified Yiroh as he is the only staff on (other than 2 other builders who are AFK). Yiroh took one augment from my inventory as he did not know it took my entropy when I crafted it aswell. Upon telling him that it took the entropy as well, Yiroh proceeded to put the augment back into my inventory and taking out the ingredients needed for another augment from my inventory. After he was done with all that, I noticed that on my helmet armor slot in my inventory, there was a regular diamond sword there instead of my helmet. (Note that a regular diamond sword is part of the ingredients needed to craft the augment.) (Also, it is impossible to /hat a diamond sword.)

Steps to reproduce the issue?

Do you have any mods enabled? (If so please state which, and the version of each mod)

Minecraft Client Version?
1.15.2, Badlion Client

Anything else we should know?
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