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Since we have PyroFishing plugin here and no guide on forums, I decided to make one. I was motivated to do this
because i see a lot of people asking "what's entropy" on chat.

Entropy is a form of currency in the plugin. To check your entropy balance and PyroFishing level, do "/fish stats" and hover over the head. It is mostly used to make augments (more on them later on).
There are 3 ways to get entropy:
----- Buy it from somebody -> You can withdraw your entropy by clicking on the paper in /fish augment. It only comes in a shape of iron nugget worth 10.000 entropy (You need to have at least 10.000 entropy to withdraw).To add entropy got this way, simply right click the crystal in your hand. Be aware, when you withdraw entropy it doesnt go into inventory, but rather is "spawned" on your position, beware of thieves.

-----By gutting custom fish caught while fishing. - Those fish are names with different names, and normally have some flavour text in lore.

-----By just fishing - Each time you catch a custom fish, you are awarded a small amount of entropy (based on the rarity of a fish).

Augments are enchantments for fishing rod. Augments do not work if fishing rod is held in off-hand, and while selling/gutting fish, you need to hold the rod in hand. Augments give various benefits - from more entropy per fish gutted to more rare fish caught.
To see current list of augments do /fish augments. There you have augments, their discription, resources needed to make theese.
To make an augment, collect required resources and put them in a cauldron filled with water, and punch it (left click) with any fishing rod.
Don't worry, fishing rod is not used up during the process. Remember you need to have enough entropy (not crystals).

Here you can see all fish, divided in categories by rarity. Each fish is described where you can catch it.

Not added yet.

By doing the delivery you get money. It's as simple as that. Have required fish in your inventory (you can check what fish
are required by hovering over the minecart), click the corresponding minecart, wait some time, click again to redeem. Done!

Fish shop
Here you can sell fish. By hovering over the nether star you can see how much each fish rarity is worth. Fish accepted here are: custom PyroFishing fish, and "Raw Cod"(vanilla cod). There are 2 ways to increase the amount of money you get per fish.

1- Solar rage augment - it increases the amount of money you get based on augment level.

2- Scaling - This method is kind of gambling. In the scaling tab, on right you select the risk you want to take, put fish in and click on anvil.

If you have any questions, or I forgot something, leave a comment or do "/fish help" in game
Additionally at level 50 of pyrofishing you get a cool tag!
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