Hello Everyone!


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Just started maybe a week ago on here. I'm a Dad with 2 boys and we all play on here. My son's are xISAACx_5 and xAIDENx_7 so far it's mainly me and my youngest that plays the most on here he's 11 or turning 11 in a few days. My oldest xAIDENx_7 is 13 he changes his mind a lot on what he plays. But he does want to play here he says.

I normally play on another server that is RPG style for the last 2yrs before that Factions and now I'm trying out Towny for the first time and so far the server is nice except for a few glitches I ran into.

1st - Can't do cause of my name I guess too many Caps in it.

2nd - I created a /pwarp fish and the next day or day after can't recall was gone. At first I didn't know what pwarps were about and I spent 10k on it and I was like oh no my money :) but now I know the purpose for those for the most part. My pwarp had nothing just a location I thought was good for fishing had no other homesets at the time so that's how I got the pwarp or had the pwarp.

3rd - I fell through the world at the enderman farm in the pwarps and lost my stuff :(

The people on the server are very friendly and helpful, thank you to all who has helped me out.
Out of 7 towny servers we checked out we liked this one the best out of them.