Entities Disappearing

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Username: seventeen_38

Date found: 5/22/20

Description of issue or what happened: All of my cows, sheep, villagers, pigs, donkeys, etc dissapeared

Steps to reproduce the issue?

They continuously despawn randomly. No rhyme or reason. People have said if they are restricted from moving they do not disappear however.

Do you have any mods enabled? (If so please state which, and the version of each mod)

None installed

Minecraft Client Version?


Anything else we should know?

This has been an issue for a while that I've seen people reporting it in chat but never on the forums.


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On the same day that the picture frames disappeared I lost all my villagers, cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs. I lost all but 1 of my horses. It appears that none of my cats or dogs disappeared.

I have been having the disappearing villager problem for a while, but it has always been just a few that disappear at a time, never all of them in an entire chunk. I had 3 chunks of villagers.

This was all over a 7 chunk area. In no instances did I have more than 15 animals in a chunk. In most of these cases, absolutely every animal from that chunk disappeared.

The sheep that are outside of my town wall seem to all be there still.

The cats were not fenced-in at all. All but one of the dogs were also free. One dog was inside a barn along with my one horse that did not disappear. I had 4 or 5 horses in that Barn (although I have had problems in the past of small amounts of horses disappearing.) All the rest of the livestock that disappeared were fenced in. The villagers were all either confined to a one chunk area or a 1x1 block area.

(I know this is a lot of information, I'm hoping it will help you figure out what the problem is)


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Fixed in the last 2 days:
Providing an update on mobs randomly despawning/dissapearing: With the patches we've made over the last 2 days, it has been resolved. We're sorry this took so long but issues like this are extremely difficult to pin-point.
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