V7 Diving Helmet

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Username: GennyX

Date found: 01/SEP/2019

Description of issue or what happened: Well, the first time it happened, I went to put on a diving helmet willingly and it absorbed my Enchanted Diamond Helmet (Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Aqua Affinity, Respiration III, Thorns II, and Mending). I was like okay, fine and made another. Yesterday, I went to move my diving helmets around in my chest to organize them and one magically decided to go on my head instead and again, absorbed my Enchanted Diamond Helmet. I'm not that rich and I can't afford to make another helmet so I was hoping to get a refund. I briefly told one of the Moderators about this and he told me to post a bug report.

Steps to reproduce the issue?: Wear a helmet and use a diving helmet in any way, I guess.

Do you have any mods enabled? (If so please state which, and the version of each mod): I only have Optifine installed for Dynamic Lights and shaders.

Minecraft Client Version? 1.14.4

Anything else we should know? Nope.
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