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Quests are an essential component to almost any RPG, and now you can complete them on CraftYourTown as well! These quests have been tailored to suit the community that plays here, with future quests being released every week or two. However, these quests are not just a walk right into it and play, so this guide will help you understand your way around!

How to start
To start your questing adventure, you can do one of two things. The first is simply type /quests in game. This will bring up a GUI that you can click through in order to find different quest branches and start them. The second option is to find the NPC's located at spawn that are tied to the quests. Right click on these NPC's and a GUI will pop up. There is no right or wrong answer to starting quests, however starting at an NPC is more true to a typical RPG game!

What Are The Quests?
The quests on CraftYourTown consist of two different categories: Standard and Story.

Standard quests are the quests that require you to simply gather items or kill mobs. There is no story behind them, and they are more for making money than immersing yourself in a storyline.

Story quests are just what they say - stories! We have crafted some storylines for you to participate in that allow you to travel through a quest, making decisions that will impact the outcome of your quest. There will be lore, tough decisions and shocking revelations!

What's In It For Me?
Completing quests will grant you different rewards. Currently as of the release of V8.1, the rewards are sums of cash and Quest Points. Quest Points are how users can track their progress with quests, and compete with their friends! As more quests are released, you can climb to the top of the ranking! A GUI showing the rankings of all players is accessible inside of /quests.

I Have An Idea For A Quest!
Fantastic! Currently, the quests are written by myself and XP_PD. However, we are only two people, so if you have some awesome quest ideas feel free to shoot them to me in discord! My DM's are always open for ideas. Keep in mind, I won't take every idea, and even the ones that are taken may be modified to better fit the server. However, don't let this discourage you from sharing your creative ideas!

My Quests Are Bugged!
Unfortunately, this will inevitably happen. These quests are fairly detailed in some areas, and some aspects may occasionally have issues. If this happens, simply let us know in the #Support channel on discord! We'll do our best to get it solved as fast as possible to allow you to finish your quest.

And that's it! We hope you truly enjoy your questing experience on CraftYourTown. New quests will be released as often as we can write them, so check /quests often!


Quests are new, do /quests to access them.
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