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Hey everyone, this is a help thread for barrels.

What are barrels?
The barrels are aimed for people that need mass storage for thousands of items.

Can you shift+click items out of them?

Where to obtain barrels?
From the Shady Mage at /warp mage.

Can you break barrels?
You can (even whilst full), it will also keep the items in the barrel for when you replace it!

How to take items in and out?
You can use hoppers to put items in and out of the barrel or just use the GUI when right-clicking

Can I add my friend to it?
/barrel add <name> - You need to be looking at the barrel in order to do so

Can other people access or break my barrels?
Not unless you've added them to it.
OPs (admin+) can break them regardless.

Some details:

Slots: The number of different items the barrel can hold
Items: The total number of items the barrel can hold
Capacity: The total number of stacks the barrel can hold

As an example:
1 slot, 6400 items, 100 stacks would mean that the barrel can store up to 100 stacks (or 6400 items) of 1 specific item
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