CYT | 2019 Christmas Event


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Starting from today, the CYT 2019 Xmas Event!
/warp Xmas

Accept Santa's and other NPCs quests for unique rewards and prizes!
You won't be able to do all the quests at once, you're required to have a certain amount of quest points for certain ones!
/quests stats to see your current amount!

Christmas Calendar
As a CYT tradition that we've done since we opened, this years Christmas Calendar begins December 1st.
Don't miss a day because there are unique tags involved! Collect it at the spawn Christmas Tree

Christmas Present Hunt
Around the spawn, the tutorial area, parkour, christmas event area and envoy area are scattered Christmas Presents.
Everyone can claim each one once, happy hunting!
Once you claim them all, you'll be awarded with a unique [Ho-ho-ho!] Tag.